China: Rare Earths, Autos and Gold

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China: Rare Earths, Autos and Gold from King World News

Today one of the greats in the business warned King World News that investors should prepare for China to launch a massive bull market in gold and these surprising markets.

China To Launch Massive Bull Market In Gold
Dr. Stephen Leeb:  “
China never rests on its laurels, and China is always thinking ahead.  As we reported recently, China plans to take control of the Eastern oil market – the world’s most dynamic oil market, control over which is likely to lead to China’s control of oil markets outside the East. It’s a step that will lead to a gold-backed yuan being widely used in trade – not just oil trading but trade in general – throughout the East and possibly beyond. It is step that is in the process of launching gold into an epic bull market as gold becomes the center of a new monetary order…

At the same time, this farsighted country is thinking several moves beyond oil. Oil is going to be around for a long time still – for decades, if not generations. But there will come a time when oil will fade and other energy sources will power the world – including powering automobiles – and China is making sure it will be dominant in those sources as well. In the future, like today, the country with the greatest control over energy is the country whose currency will be the world’s most important. Among industries where new energies will play a massive role is automobiles.

China Moving To Control The Auto Market
This past week, China announced it was drawing up plans to phase out sales of cars with internal combustion engines (something many European countries and Britain have announced they are planning as well) and promote electric vehicles (EVs). At first glance, this seems to be a noble goal. China is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and EVs are more climate-friendly than gas-powered vehicles. 

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