Bernie’s Single Payer Health is Suicidal (Video)

Bernie’s Single Payer Health is Suicidal Video – Bill Still

This is a revelation to me. I’ve never understood what single-payer health care was until this morning. I guess I thought it couldn’t be that simple – that the government pays for everything – but it is.

Matthew Continetti unpacked the problem in the Washington Free Beacon this morning.

On Wednesday, Vermont’s Socialist Senator, Bernie Sanders, who is now apparently the defacto leader of Congressional Democrats, introduced his single-payer health care system, with the support of 16 Democrat Senators.

Sanders bill would repeal Obamacare, as well as most other private and public insurance and replace it with an all-powerful, government-run system to pay for everyone’s medical care and expenses.

However, in the words of Robert Pear of the NYT:

“Mr. Sanders did not say how he would pay for his bill.”

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A similar system enacted by his home state of Vermont collapsed several years ago. Similar bills did not pass in California. New Jersey and Colorado.
According to the liberal Urban Institute:

“Federal [health] expenditures would increase by $32 trillion [between 2017 and 2026]. Sanders’s revenue proposals … would raise $15.3 trillion from 2017 to 2026.”

So let me guess, the remaining $17 trillion shortfall would go onto the national debt, thus doubling interest payments from the current $268 billion a year up to $500 billion all by itself!

As Continetti points out, if the Dems in the Senate are going to follow Bernie Sanders off a cliff, go ahead, because no one is going to support this once the facts are known. As Continetti puts it:

“The headlines the left has generated this week include single-payer health care, draping a tarp over a statue of Thomas Jefferson on the University of Virginia campus, the resignation of the mayor of Seattle after a fifth accusation of child abuse, the Bob Menendez corruption trial, and Hillary Clinton’s latest sanctimony tour. That man in the Oval Office? He can only be smiling.”

But what’s the MSM talking about? Trump’s polling numbers are bad and poor Hillary, she really did win the election.

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