Alternate Routes To Be Traveled If TSHTF

Alternate Routes To Be Traveled If TSHTF by Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog

Most people don’t think about alternate routes. Instead they drive the same routes and roads everywhere they normally go. These roads are typically the quickest to their destination and are the roads well traveled by most people in vehicles.

However if something were to happen that clogs the mainstream routes into traffic jams, would you know alternate routes to get where you’re going?

During an evacuation or bug out event, will the masses choose the popular main routes and roads that are most often traveled?

The answer to the last question is, YES. People are mostly creatures of habit while also exhibiting symptoms of “normalcy bias”, a lack of good situational awareness and critical thinking ability during times of stress of crisis.

As a preparedness-minded critical thinking person yourself, you can ‘outsmart’ the mainstream masses by having a preconceived evacuation or bug out plan of alternate routes including options for multiple destinations.

Here’s one that may be helpful during normal day-to-day travel: How many alternate driving routes do you know from your place of work to home? If the balloon goes up and you need to get home…

Or this one: If there is an evacuation (e.g. hurricane warning), how many alternate driving routes do you know that will bypass around the clogged masses sitting in traffic jams on the major roads, freeways, highways, and interstates?


The discussion here is NOT about whether or not to evacuate or bug out. Rather it is about after one makes the decision to get out…

Consider the following while planning alternate routes:


Keep a road atlas or maps of your state and surrounding states where you might travel, so that you can identify alternate roads that are less traveled by the mainstream. Supplement your atlas or state maps with the more detailed information such as local county or town maps. Some of them also show structures (houses, etc..). Do a web search for your area which may turn up such a map…

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