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The Beauty of Money by Rory – The Daily Coin

The feature image above is called “The Hand of Faith” and was uncovered in Australia.

I opened my first art studio in 1989. I had no idea what I was doing, I just knew that I wanted to create “stuff”.  This venture was born from living in south Florida, on my own, the year before. While in Florida I had left behind all friends and family and found myself alone. I picked up a paint brush, pen, canvas and by the time I left Florida I had completed 18 paintings and upwards of 50 works of poetry and short stories.

Over the course of the next 23 years I would have a variety of studios working in a variety of mediums and writing hundreds of short stories, poems and filling seven journals. I studied art, read tons of books on color, lights/darks and various sculptural techniques. I would regularly  visit art galleries, museums, churches and anywhere that housed art work of any type. There always seemed to be one thing all the art had in common – it was beautiful. Why? Who wants to look at something that is ugly?

I feel confident that my definition of beauty is very different from your own, and that’s okay. There would be elements that we could agree on that we would both define as beautiful. I feel confident in making that statement as I am about to prove it beyond question.

The so-called powers that be – the scum of the earth that we report their crimes against humanity on a daily basis, hijacked the art world approximately 200 years ago. These same criminal banksters and their government enablers began transforming the art world from beautiful to what we have today.

A lot of people are familiar with names like Michel Angelo, Pablo Picasso, Georgia O’Keefe and Rembrandt. Some of the most famous artist in history. These men and women have created, what could be argued, the most beautiful artworks ever. Where have they gone? Why do we not hear about art, real art, any longer? What about music? Is there any real music being created these days? When was the last time a new concerto was created? When was the last time a great musical artist was celebrated? Sorry, but Taylor Swift, Ed Shehran or even Pearl Jam doesn’t qualify.

Art is vitally important to our world, to our soul. Art creates critical thought and fires the brain in a way that makes our lives better – yes, better. Musical arts, literally, resonate in our lives. Great works of music fire the brain on an even deeper level than visual arts.

Money, throughout most of human history, has been a physical “something”. A coin, papyruses leaf, a cow, a piece of paper – something tangible. Today we find this in change. The powers that shouldn’t be are attempting to strip us of our physical cash. Currently, they are winning as they are being assisted by the very people that, just a few months ago, were fighting these criminals tooth and nail. Today, not so much. The honesty and integrity have departed for the profits that only something as ugly as – As50dfRWE#$%l^Hsrd – could create. The complete disconnect from honest, true money for the allure of the latest get-rich-quick scheme, has been something to behold. There is a difference with this latest scheme that trumps all other schemes – this one has the blessing of the oligarchs that own the currency we use today.

The art of money below is wearable and can be used, globally, for any good or service. It is a real asset that a human being took time to forge, design and create building the beauty of the ages into the piece. It is made of 22k gold that was mined from the earth.  A small piece of the miners and creators soul is encapsulated within the piece as well. These attributes can not be removed nor can they be denied. When a person sees this type of art that is money, some are awe struck, while others simply admire. Either way there is an actual human interaction that is created and introduces another level of spirit to money.

The oligarchs hate beauty – here is one of the latest forms of currency that has stolen peoples attention and proves my point – As50dfRWE#$%l^Hsrd – isn’t that beautiful? How about – No, How about absolutely not. What about human interaction? What about spirit? What about integrity? All gone all stripped out – forever. I’m sorry, spirit and integrity would have had to be a part of it to begin with in order for it to be stripped out – spirit and integrity never existed in – As50dfRWE#$%l^Hsrd – it is void of anything with life.

Here is another view of the latest currency – please remember it’s not money, merely currency.


Or what about this

Another look at honest, decentralized, off grid, anonymous money and currency

Here is another difference

No need for human interaction when dealing in virtual fiat currency.

It’s a real shame that a lot of the people I used to hold in high regard and truly respected have now sold their soul for the scripts they used to fight against. The very scripts the oligarchs want us all using.

If its not about profits why weren’t these people discussing digital blips-on-a-screen 3 years ago – 5 years ago – 8 years ago? Oh, that’s right they were. 100% of these people were telling everyone how dangerous these instruments are to our sovereignty. Today they are cool and are going to save us from the banksters. These same people are now doing the bidding of the banking elite and ruling class ushering in the final stage of financial enslavement. Great work, people!

Unfortunately, it has become as ugly a community as I could have ever imagined – completely divided. One voice, rationally, attempting to carry the good news of honest money while the other voice is screaming about profits and completely overlooking the hammer being held above our heads. These people have somehow convinced themselves that something like – As50dfRWE#$%l^Hsrd – is going to actually stop the most powerful, well funded people in the world. Listen to what Chris Powell, GATA, has to say about fighting these criminal banksters since 1998 and the picture may become a little clearer as to how we can actually beat them. Personally, I don’t see this – As50dfRWE#$%l^Hsrd – doing anything in the struggle for our rights and sovereignty.

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