Gold: Money of Kings, Yesterday and Today

Gold: Money of Kings, Yesterday and Today by Rory – The Daily Coin

Gold is money and everything else is credit. Once you understand this you will never be poor again. ~JP Morgan

All over the world archeologist find great gold and silver hoards from days gone by. Rarely are any of the scripts representing gold and silver found because they have dissolved into the dust from which they came. Only the real thing can stand the test of time.

It is not uncommon for these long lost hoards to include truly spectacular pieces of “art”, breath taking and beautifully intricate pieces forged by hand for someone that was surely loved and admired.

Gold diggers: Buried treasure shows Vikings hoarded precious metals by Traci Watson – USA Today

A Danish farm field has yielded a priceless harvest: a buried treasure of Viking gold necklaces, arm rings and other precious objects that could help shed light on the relationships among the Viking elite.

Metal-detector enthusiasts and archaeologists have uncovered roughly three pounds of gold from the field, almost all of it discovered in the last 18 months. The cache, known as the Fæsted hoard, is the second-largest known haul of Viking gold and the biggest in Denmark.

The find shows that the king who originally owned the hoard was “filthy rich,” says curator Lars Grundvad of Denmark’s Sønderskov Museum, who is studying the hoard. “It raises the question, where did they get all this gold?”

Despite the image of the Vikings as thuggish brutes, many of the golden objects are exquisitely worked. There are bracelets made of gold strands twisted together, gold-and-crystal pendants and a unique brooch from which delicate gold chains dangle. There are also silver bracelets, gold beads and fragments of golden jewelry hacked into bits to serve as currency.

Here are just a couple of the pieces unearthed in the latest discovery of real money, disguised as art and jewelry.

The craftsmanship is that of a master jeweler. The detail of the roping on the top piece and the extremely fine border surrounding the ruby in the lower piece took real time, knowledge and the utmost care in order to execute such detailed work. The spirit of the artist and miner lives on today, unchanged by the ravages of time. Gold has that undeniable quality. A thousand years from today these two pieces will be as deeply beautiful as the day they were created and gifted to the original recipient.

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