US Threatens To Cut Off China From SWIFT If It Violates North Korea Sanctions

US Threatens To Cut Off China From SWIFT If It Violates North Korea Sanctions from ZeroHedge

TDC Note – This is a very, very bad idea. Even a threat of using this financial weapon could push China in a direction that is truly dangerous to the U.S., not necessarily in regards to military action but to the economy. If you remember what happened when the U.S. locked out Iran, it has been a very rapid transformation in the global payments systems with China and Russia leading the way to a well designed alternative. China no longer needs to use the SWIFT system. The idiots in the U.S. must have forgotten this monumental piece of information.


In an unexpectedly strong diplomatic escalation, one day after China agreed to vote alongside the US (and Russia) during Monday’s United National Security Council vote in passing the watered down North Korea sanctions, the US warned that if China were to violate or fail to comply with the newly imposed sanctions against Kim’s regime, it could cut off Beijing’s access to both the US financial system as well as the “international dollar system.”

Speaking at CNBC’s Delivering Alpha conference on Tuesday, Steven Mnuchin said that China had agreed to “historic” North Korean sanctions during Monday’s United Nations vote. “We worked very closely with the U.N.  I’m very pleased with the resolution that was just passed.  This is some of the strongest items.  We now have more tools in our toolbox, and we will continue to use them and put additional sanctions on North Korea until they stop this behavior.”

In response, Andrew Ross Sorkin countered that “we haven’t been able to move the needle on China, which seems to be the real mover on this, in terms of being able to apply the real pressure. What do you think the issue is?  What is the problem?

The stunner was revealed in Mnuchin’s answer: “I think we have absolutely moved the needle on China.  I think what they agreed to yesterday was historic.  I’d also say I put sanctions on a major Chinese bank.  That’s the first time that’s ever been done.  And if China doesn’t follow these sanctions, we will put additional sanctions on them and prevent them from accessing the U.S. and international dollar system.  And that’s quite meaningful.”

And to underscore his point, the Treasury Secretary also said that “in North Korea, economic warfare works. I made it clear that the President was strongly considering and we sent a message that anybody that wanted to trade with North Korea, we would consider them not trading with us.  We can put on economic sanctions to stop people trading.

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