When Currency Becomes Corrupt…

When Currency Becomes Corrupt… by Rory – The Daily Coin

When a currency, any sovereign currency, becomes corrupted, every aspect of that society must, in turn, become corrupt to hide the lie the currency is telling. If every aspect of a society, from government, to business and even the citizens are not corrupted, over time, the lie the currency is telling will come to the surface and the scheme will be revealed.

The Federal Reserve System and the Federal Reserve Note are a product of corruption born in November 1910 on Jekyll Island by a very small group of extremely corrupt banksters. The likes of J. P. Morgan, Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich, A. Piatt Andrew, Henry Davison, Arthur Shelton, Frank Vanderlip and Paul Warburg and various other corrupt participants met to write the legislation that would become the Federal Reserve Act that President Woodrow Wilson signed into law on December 23, 1913. That day the United States currency became corrupted.

In October 1929 the Federal Reserve decided it was time to flex their muscles and see how much more could be stolen from the American people and the Great Depression was enginereed by the banking cabal along with their newest member, the Federal Reserve Bank. What most people do not understand is the Federal Reserve Bank is a private corporation. It is not part of the federal government, this was the first lie the currency had to foist upon the people that this new “Federal Reserve Bank” was part of the federal government. By adding the word “Federal” to the name of the private bank, the people didn’t much question if it was private or public – they wrongly assumed it was public.

The Fed also has a habit of raising interest rates at the onset of economic instability or right in the middle of a downturn, as it did in 1928-1929, triggering the Great Depression, and in 1931, adding fuel to the fire of financial catastrophe. These particular catalyzing policy actions are partly what Ben Bernanke was referring to on Nov. 8, 2002, in a speech given at “A Conference to Honor Milton Friedman … On the Occasion of His 90th Birthday”:“In short, according to Friedman and Schwartz, because of institutional changes and misguided doctrines, the banking panics of the Great Contraction were much more severe and widespread than would have normally occurred during a downturn.

Let me end my talk by abusing slightly my status as an official representative of the Federal Reserve. I would like to say to Milton and Anna: Regarding the Great Depression. You’re right, we did it. We’re very sorry. But thanks to you, we won’t do it again.” Source

The admission of engineering the Great Depression is proof positive the currency is corrupt. The Great Depression spread the world over and impacted millions upon millions of people both inside and outside the United States. This was the first real test, and the first massive wealth transfer, completely orchestrated by a small group of banksters with one goal in mind – steal as much wealth from the citizens as possible in one giant scope. Mission accomplished.

Millions of people were left destitute, homeless and their lives completely ruined all for the benefit of a few extremely demented people.

By the mid 1930’s the people were completely losing sight of what the Federal Reserve is or what they do. It had now been in existance for at least one generation and the mass of people were focused on survival and where their next meal would originate. No time to think about what the banks were doing or who they were doing it to. This was a great set up to distract the people from the financial terrorism reigning down on their lives.

The Federal Reserve Bank had already stolen all the gold in a scheme that was instituted by President Roosevelt in 1933. This is when, it could be argued, the greatest act of financial terrorism was unleashed. To this day and until we the people stand up and demand the end of the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) the Secretary of the Treasury wields more control over our economy, covert military operations and financial institutions than just about any other person on planet earth. In order to “End the Fed” we need to first end the ESF.

The ESF is operated and controlled by the Sec. of the Treasury. The Treasurer answers to no one, not the President, not Congress and certainly not the people. When Roosevelt “confiscated” and, more importantly, outlawed gold ownership by the citizens, the Federal Reserve Note (dollar) lost, over night, approximately 41% of it’s purchasing power. How could that happen? Well, when the gold was stolen from the people it was transferred to the Federal Reserve Bank. The day before Roosevelt signed Executive Order 6102 gold was valued at $20.67 where it had been fixed for nearly a century. The day after the Federal Reserve Bank took possession of our gold, gold was revalued to $35 per ounce. Since the people could no longer legally possess gold and were forced to use Federal Reserve Notes (dollar) what the FRN would purchase was approximately 41% less. Viola!! The Federal Reserves owners just received a massive payday.

The value of the difference in gold per ounce – going from $20.67 to $35 – created approximately a 69% gain for the Federal Reserve (the owner of the Federal Reserve Note) and the U.S. Treasury that now purchases the FRN, at interest, from Federal Reserve Bank. This $2 BILLION (in 1934 money) was the seed funds for the creation of the ESF. The ESF, to this day, has the authority to buy and sell any stocks, commodities or use the funds in whatever manner the Treasurer sees fit. With no oversight whatsoever who is to say how the funds have been used – for good or nefarious reasons – beginning in 1934. This is another, very disturbing, layer of corruption to the currency.

These examples are to show how corruption takes root at the federal government level. This corruption, by nature, must filter into the banking system as it is 100% tied to the banking system in order for the Federal Reserve Bank to continue the theft and transference of our wealth.

As you can see in the graph below the Federal Reserve System has been extremely efficient at transferring our wealth into their hands. Every time the FRN moves lower that means more of our wealth is being transferred to the owners of the Federal Reserve System.

Click chart to enlarge – Image courtesy of The Harford Gold Group

Once the corruption of the currency becomes complete, by infiltrating the banking system – the banking system we use, e.g. Bank of America, local Credit Union, etc., the corruption begins to take on a life of it’s own and the wholesale corruption of society begins in earnest.

It doesn’t take much effort to see how the wholesale corruption at every level of our existence has unfolded over the past 104 years. Would you say the politicians, at the local, state and federal level are in fact corrupt? What about corporate “leaders”? What about moral decay within our society? All of this can be traced directly back to the corruption of our currency. Did we have corruption before the Federal Reserve System? Absolutely, the difference is breath and scope of the corruption and moral decay. Corruption and blatant disregard for law, by the ruling and banking class, seem to be accelerating on a daily basis.

As Alasdair Macleod, GoldMoney, has explained, on a couple of different occasions, people that own and posses gold are seemingly calmer, happier and more peaceful. This may be attributed to gold’s spiritual properties. Being called the “tears of the sun” or the fact that a significant portion of organized religions, the world over, still have very strong ties to gold bullion, gold jewelry and all manners of gold as an offering to their God.

The questions that I have been plaguing me about the whole thing all stem from what we experience today with our currency and the fact that it is owned by, what could be argued, the most powerful people in the world. Our money, gold and silver, were stolen more than a hundred years ago and we have been left with a debt based system of theft and financial enslavement. This system is highly engrained and allows, literally, a handful of people to make the biggest decisions on the planet. These decisions not only influence every aspect of our daily lives these decisions can dictate our lives’ direction.

It seems that everything is going to come down to one simple situation – can the people create better technology, stronger communities and a willingness to take our lives and freedoms back from the best financed people in the world? From my perspective this is the only thing that matters in 2017 and in the years ahead.


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