What Type of Government Do You Believe We Have?

What Type of Government Do You Believe We Have? by Rory – The Daily Coin

This is exactly what I have been saying for the past several weeks. This is what confuses me about the cryptocurrency crowd’s lack of willingness to listen to and read the words and watch the actions of the criminal banking cabal and their government enablers.

Too Big to Jail – Governments and Bansksters

The list below doesn’t even scratch the surface and doesn’t include ANY – not a single act of financial terrorism. These are just some of the alleged crimes that are widely known and are not being investigated. Why? Why is the do nothing CONgress not, at the very least, calling for an investigation into some, if not all, of these situations? It doesn’t benefit them or support their agenda, that’s why.

What type of government would allow these situations to be kept out of the “justice” system?

– Benghazi
– Clinton Foundation
– Seth Rich – dead
– Julian Assange
– Debbie Wasserman
– Awan Brothers
– John Podesta
– PizzaGate – pedophilia
– Saville
– Epstein
– never ending war – war crimes, unConstitutional wars
– AntiFa – “peace activist”
– George Soros – funding “peace activist” like AntiFa and Black Lives Matter
– Mainstream Media – propaganda
– CIA – drug running, drug money laundering, funding, training and arming terrorist organizations like ISIS/ISIL/IS
– Comey

Need I continue? Why is this situation, in the video below, surprising to so many? Why do people have this misguided belief that digital blips-on-a-screen are going to suddenly bring the banksters and their government enablers to their knees? Are you kidding me?

The list of crimes above involve people – some even died for no reason – but actual, physical people that have died in one fashion or another; but somehow a blip-on-a-screen is going to change something? Seriously? The perfect get-rich-quick scheme has been developed and the trap is set.

The only “crime” Mr. Randall committed was not being a member of the “big club” and incorporating big club tactics. Apparently, Mr. Randall didn’t get the memo informing him that unless your membership is in good standing, well, there could be consequences. In the United States it is now a crime for acting like a free, sovereign human being and conducting free market trade according to the laws of the state.

Remind again of the what the Constitution says about our government.

Libertarian Randall Lord shares lessons learned in Bitcoin case, vows to fight criminalization of crypto trading

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