Are You Ready for Your Implantable Microchip?

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Mark Nestmann

For more than a quarter century, I have served as a voice in the wilderness – trying to wake people up to the reality of our situation: that the United States of America is heading towards a police state. First, I said they would take our privacy. Then our assets. And finally, our personal freedom. It's fair to say that privacy is already dead. People like former NSA insider Ed Snowden have proved that. Thanks to government regulations, control of our assets and what we're allowed to do with them is tenuous at best. When will they come for our freedom? I know most people don’t want to hear that. They want to pretend everything’s fine. They're happy to call us all kooks and conspiracy theorists. But the facts, however painful to hear, don't lie. Our way of life is changing - and not for the better.