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We’ve all been hearing fears of civil war in America recently, and while I think those fears are overblown (as fears generally are), I want to address something that doesn’t make the news feeds:

the fact that we can take this question seriously exposes a sick, degenerate status quo.

We need to be clear on this point.

Arguments Pro and Con

I don’t believe civil war will come to America on any serious scale. My reason is a simple one:

I can see 5,000 hard leftists and 5,000 hard rightists going out to kill each other, but I can’t see my neighbors pulling their guns down from their attics, dusting them off, and running out to shoot people across town.

Only the most irrational and agitated people kill over politics. Average people may waste oceans of time and money on politics, but they do not stab and shoot those who disagree.

Jonathan Logan, however (my co-author for The New Age of Intelligence), sees it differently. He makes a thoughtful, informed argument for civil war, and I think it’s worth passing along. I’ll have to summarize:

  • For young people to be susceptible to war (and it’s the young, not the old, who fight), they must not be too settled, not too invested, not too satisfied, not too stable. And they must be dragged in by some motive, be it “making a name for themselves” or “fighting evil” or whatever.
  • Few young people in the West are willing to fight “for my country.” (Approximately 12% in Germany and 20% in the US.) But when you ask if they would participate in riots against an unjust political order, the numbers shoot up. In Germany, it’s 66%; in the US, it’s about 60%.
  • For a civil war to break out, enough people must perceive the current situation as unbearable and be willing to use violence.

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