Taking the Peterson Plunge: a Grey Champion for Heroic Millennials?

Taking the Peterson Plunge: a Grey Champion for Heroic Millennials? by Maggie and Ira Katz – The Burning Platform

Lew Rockwell has an excellent article by Ira Katz which I brought here with a few select links added. I don’t know how much attention the Monkey Minions of Quinn have devoted to Jordan Peterson, but I really think he is showing signs of emerging as a real “prophet” of for our floundering hero generation.

If you’ve not time for all the links, at least consider this offering and see if your interest is not piqued (as opposed to peaked).

On the Site, the title is Hero of the Right, but I didn’t like the connotation nor the obvious invitation for hijack. Since I don’t think Peterson’s followers could easily fit the “hero of the right” label, I opted to rename and add a few “selective” links. You should be able to see my personal correlation with (but not caused by nor causal) Peterson’s views, but I do have a certain perspective to give you, don’t I?

One of the first things I learned in Journalism School at OU back before the Gaylord Palace was dedicated was that the medium may be the message, but the background is always there shaping the meaning.

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Hero of the Right by Ira Katz

I have taken the Peterson Plunge; that is, over the past week or so I have immersed myself into the complete (over 30 hours)* lecture series The Psychological Significance of the Biblical Stories by Dr. Jordan Peterson. Peterson is a University of Toronto psychology professor who is becoming something of an internet phenomenon. I only became aware of him through a recent post by the Bionic Mosquito.

The aim of the series was to take a rational approach to the Bible stories through the latest understanding of neuroscience, psychoanalysis (Peterson is also a clinical psychologist), evolutionary biology, philosophy, literature (the wisdom of our civilization), and art (a window into the transcendent). He often refers to among many others Freud, Nietzsche, Dostoevsky and especially Jung.

The overarching theme is that these stories, quite strange to a modern person, contain the concentrated essence of human experience that is encoded in our subconscious and physiology. In effect they are true, in that “truth” is what is consistent with human experience. Because human beings are conscious of the future, of their own death, they are unique among animals and all individuals must play out their own adventure story of leaving the known to explore the unknown.

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