Nikola Tesla’s Unfinished Masterpiece Will Be a Reality on This Date

Nikola Tesla’s Unfinished Masterpiece Will Be a Reality on This Date by Jeff Brown – Bonner and Partners

Editor’s Note: With over two decades in the high-tech industry, Jeff Brown is our go-to expert for technology investments. Today, he shows why Nikola Tesla’s most ambitious idea could soon become a reality.

He stood a striking 6 feet 2 inches tall, quite unusual for his time.

Known for possessing a photographic memory and being capable of memorizing entire books, Nikola Tesla is remembered for transformational inventions such as the induction motor, electrical power distribution, fluorescent lights, wireless communications, and remote control of mechanical devices.

But of all of Tesla’s inventions, there was one that never saw the light of day. It was a revolutionary idea that had the potential to reshape our world in profound ways.

It was also an idea that was more than a century ahead of its time. But now, Tesla’s unfinished masterpiece is on the verge of becoming a reality.

Let me explain…

Tesla Meets J.P. Morgan

In March 1901, Tesla received a $150,000 investment (approximately $4.1 million in today’s dollars) from one J. Pierpont Morgan (yes, that J.P. Morgan) in exchange for 51% of any wireless patents that might be produced from experiments at a place called Wardenclyffe.

Wardenclyffe was a facility about 10 miles away from Port Jefferson, NY, which is on Long Island. Tesla intended to use the facility to develop the technology to transmit wireless communications across the ocean to Europe.

This was exactly what J.P. Morgan invested in. Morgan wanted the technology so he could charge customers for wireless communications. With the funds from J.P. Morgan, Tesla constructed a quite unusual-looking tower for the time.

Its purpose was supposed to be for “World Telegraphy”… in other words, wireless communications. But Tesla had a different goal. Perhaps it was one even more grand than wireless communications.

Unbeknownst to J.P. Morgan, Tesla wanted to use the tower to demonstrate wireless power distribution… on a very large scale.

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