Why is China Tech smoking the West? (Video)

Why is China Tech smoking the West? Video – Jeff J. Brown

Deng Xiaoping decided to return China to its millennial glory days of technological superiority over the rest of the world and opened up the flood gates. It is hard to believe that it has been less than forty years since he flipped on the switch. As a result, China has radically transformed itself in just a couple of short generations. Since it has re-solidified its historical genius at technological innovation, the rest of humanity will never be the same again, and all of us are finding it difficult to keep up.

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Jeff Brown

Jeff grew up in the heartland of the United States, Oklahoma, much of it on a family farm, and graduated from Oklahoma State University. He went to Brazil while in graduate school at Purdue University, to seek his fortune, which whet his appetite for traveling the globe. This helped inspire him to be a Peace Corps Volunteer in Tunisia in 1980 and he lived and worked in Africa, the Middle East, China and Europe for the next 21 years. All the while, he mastered Portuguese, Arabic, French and Mandarin, while traveling to over 85 countries. He then returned to America for nine years, whereupon he moved back to China in 2010. He lives in China with his wife, where he teaches passionately in an international school. Jeff is a dual national French-American.