Houston Flooding Catastrophe

Houston Flooding Catastrophe by Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog

The Houston flooding disaster is a shocking example of why preparedness and preemptive action is so very important. Unfortunately many did not take appropriate actions and the consequences are stunning.

Hurricane Harvey, now a tropical storm, has triggered catastrophic, unprecedented Houston flooding. The rains have broken all-time records.

There may be no parallel available to any other rainstorm in U.S. history, based on the number of people affected, amount of water involved, and other factors, meteorologists have warned.

Due to its wide geographic scope across America’s 4th-largest city, the ensuing flood disaster may rank as one of the most, if not the most, expensive natural disaster in U.S. history.

-Andrew Freedman, Mashable’s Senior Editor for Science and Special Projects.

Houston Flooding Before and After

As of this post date the total amount of rain in the affected region of Texas has exceeded 30 inches and Houston reports more than 2 feet!

As of 4 a.m. CDT Monday, 8/28/2017

34.36 inches near Baytown (HCFCD gauge)
30.56 inches near Pasadena (Forest Oaks)
28.73 inches near Dayton
25.66 inches at Houston Bush Intercontinental Airport
25.16 inches in Sugarland
24.47 inches at Houston Hobby Airport
19.04 inches at Houston Clover Field

Highest wind reports from Hurricane Harvey:

Port Aransas: 132 mph, sustained to 110 mph
Near Copano Village: 125 mph
Near Lamar: 110 mph
Rockport: 108 mph

Weather.com reports that isolated rainfall totals from Harvey could be up to 50 inches by later this week and it may end up being one of the worst flood disasters in U.S. history.

Houston Flood 2017

Harvey has so far affected about a quarter of the Texas population, or 6.8 million people in 18 counties and the layers of catastrophe will be felt for months, if not years.

The extent of damaged and polluted infrastructure will be incredible. Just think about the millions of people affected, flooded structures, contaminated water sources, non-functioning sewage systems, and a complete breakdown of transportation of food and supplies.

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