Bitcoin Advocate Says “Bitcoin Next Global Currency”

Bitcoin Advocate Says “Bitcoin Next Global Currency” by Rory – The Daily Coin

The bitcoin/cryptocurrency saga keeps getting better and better. Just today we learned that Burger King, Russia, is going to introduce the hamburger coin for Burger King. Ben Bernanke is going to speak at an upcoming block chain symposium and now to top off the never ending stream around these digital tools of enslavement we learn that bitcoin is going to be the next global currency beaming to us from a satellite.

For all those still living under the misguided belief that bitcoin is the savior from the banksters system of financial enslavement – listen to one of the most well known people in the bitcoin space describe bitcoin as the “next global currency”. This is exactly what we have been saying for the past several months. The only remaining question for the bitcoin/cryptocurrency advocates is this – how could anyone think the banksters are going to allow people to keep their profits and allow bitcoin to freely trade as it does today?

Who owns the satellite and what systems are running parallel with the block chain on these satellites? Since when did the central planners just roll over and say “you win”? Did that happen when Napoleon was at war? Did it happen when the South was surging and wishing to succeed from the North? Did it happen when Germany was in complete collapse? Did it happen when the derivatives market blew apart in 2008? Not one time did the banksters roll over and say “you win, we will give up our power and control”. What makes this any different?

Trace Mayer thinks that bitcoin is going to compete with the Federal Reserve Note. Obviously he has no idea what happened in Iraq, Libya and Venezuela. He has not been paying attention to what is happening in Puerto Rico and clearly has zero understanding of what is actually happening in Syria and the reason behind the US insurrection in Syria. 100% of these situations are directly tied to the Federal Reserve Note and the power it wields. It has nothing to do with any of the headline propaganda spewed across the mainstream media. What makes Mayer think the attack on bitcoin will be any less vicious or in an untimely manner? It will be quick, vicious and unsympathetic. Will the satellites simply fall out of the sky or will they be hacked and sent off orbit to safely float out to the asteroid belt? It seems to be wishful thinking to believe the banksters are rolling out the red carpet and welcoming currency competition with open arms. I can still say dollar hegemony but apparently everyone in the crypto space has lost sight of this important detail.

As Mayer states:

“Blockstream is leasing space on the global satellite network…and right now you can get access to bitcoin from satellite in two-thirds of the planet and it’ll be the full planet by the end of the year. This means you can take a $100 satellite dish, point it up there and you can basically download the blockchain. So that means you don’t have to go through a centralized ISP anymore, it means that you don’t have to go through any third party anymore that would know you are actually downloading this because it is broadcast-only, kind of like radio, and so the privacy implications are huge, the censorship resistance implications are huge.

This is part of the fifth network effect with developers building out infrastructure. We are no longer going to have to rely on the actual internet infrastructure that is out there in terms of internet backbones or fiberoptic cables or stuff like that. So this is really cool in all those regards…that means some guy selling goats in Africa can point a $100 satellite dish up at the satellite, he can manage the blockchain…and then everybody in his village that has cellphones, they can have their bitcoin wallet…transact with each other via the lightning network. Nothing is actually hitting the blockchain; nobody has to have an internet connection because they are just connected via the satellite. They are able to have a safe store of value, they are brought directly into financial inclusion, they don’t need a bank account, they completely skip that just like they skipped landlines with telephone…

Yes, look at how secure and safe our phones have become since leaving earth and being placed on a satellite!! Nothing is tracked, no one is spied on, video cameras are not turned on silently, conversations are not recorded, everywhere the phone goes is never tracked – oh, that’s right the exact opposite is the case. Everything on our “smart phones” is basically on lockdown by the spy agencies of the government. Our phones have become nothing more than an intelligence gathering device for the US police state. But I’m suppose to believe this same type of nefarious activity will be circumvented by a math equation that a ghost developed – remember, Satoshi is “anonymous” and “bitcoin” was introduced to the world on Halloween 2008 right in the middle of the economic meltdown.

I no longer know anything. I want this to succeed and I will be happy to join the party extremely late. I don’t see the party lasting too much longer and all the efforts, all the gazallions will simply disappear into the ether from which they came. Take your profits and get completely out of debt. Ben Bernanke just rode into town with his trusted side kick, Blythe Masters and the Vampire Squid. I can’t take this seriously any longer and will do my best to educate people to the reality of digital enslavement that a small group of very vocal people are doing their best to assist our captures – Stockholm syndrome anyone? Anyone at all?

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