I just Became a Bitcoin Gazillionaire!

I just Became a Bitcoin Gazillionaire! by Rory – The Daily Coin

How many times have the banksters released the minutes of meetings that people actually read? What about their reports on the health and direction of economies? How many laws, bills and regulations over the past 100+ years have the banksters or corporate heads written that now directly impact our financial and economic lives? Our financial and economic lives are directly tied to our freedoms and liberties, as the banksters control the laws, they control our lives. Why are nations suddenly allowing currency competition? Why would this happen? I still do not think it is for our benefit.

Over the past 30+ years technology has been growing in such a way that it is becoming faster, smarter and more invasive everyday. Technology is beginning to invade our lives in such a way that it is difficult to keep up with the changes and, more importantly, protect ourselves from the more invasive technologies we wish to avoid. I have a hard time “downloading the new updates” to my computer or phone as the spy technology is usually wrapped up within these “updates”. When was the last time corporate America, and more specifically the banking cabal, implemented a change that was a benefit for the people?

Over the past couple of months we have seen the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) market absolutely explode. It has reached such a fever pitch that even Russian branch of Burger King is now offering a block chain/cryptocurrency to purchase hamburgers! Why is this necessary? What does Burger King know that the other hamburger fast food chains don’t know or more importantly, what does Burger King know about cryptocurrencies that others are overlooking?

If we simply look at the number of ICO’s currently listed on this one board, CoinSchedule, it is mind boggling what is coming to market, what is being digitized and the sheer volume of funding moving into this investment space.

Below is a screen shot, actually, 3 different screen shots as the entire homepage is filled, including the scrollable list of ICO’s at the bottom of  CoinSchedule’s homepage. This is just one website listing ICO’s, I feel confident there are plenty more with completely different offerings.

Click any image to enlarge.

As you can see there is a plethora of offerings allowing a person to get involved and place their bet.

I would say that it is safe to assume these “coin” offerings are rapidly moving from being a “currency” to something else. For example, why does “infrastructure” need a coin? How will this benefit anyone? Will bridges and roads all become monetized? Will water systems – the pipelines, filtration and mechanical support all be monetized? I thought most all infrastructure projects were already paid for with tax dollars, is that going to change? If roads, bridges and public water systems are going to be privatized will this be a benefit for the people or will it be just another scheme by corporate America to fleece us out of our wealth?

As we recently learned there are entities that are moving in the direction of digitizing and monetizing hard assets. One of the goals is to digitize, and make true ownership a thing of the past. Wine, tea and real estate are three such hard assets that have already been digitized. Can you imagine if “all the tea in China” were digitized and the people that grew the tea, farmed the land and brought the product to market were cut out of the “coin” that produced vast sums of wealth for the owners of the coin while the farmers were still scrapping by on a few pennies? What about real estate? Who would actually own the home? The people invested in a block chain “coin” or the people making monthly mortgage payments? If the coin associated with the real estate coin is directly tied to the individual properties, would the coin owners have a larger vote in what happens to the property than the person occupying the property?

These are the types of questions that I would like to have answered. These are the heart-of-the-matter in regards to these block chain/cryptocurrencies coming to market. I’m just attempting to show the technology will not save us from the banksters as some claim – the technology that is bitcoin/cryptocurrency is as vulnerable to the whims of the banksters as paper fiat currency. I have stated, on a number of occasions, it’s about laws and acceptance. What I am attempting to do with this OPINION piece is to challenge people to look at who is moving into this space – the ones that have been in the space long before 95% of the people that are currently in cryptocurrencies, and review the laws created by the monetary-masters. I see this whole thing as a trap and that’s all that I will ever say about it. I pray to God that I am wrong, that cryptocurrencies, or preferably gold and silver, can in fact save us from the banksters. I just haven’t read or heard anything to truly support that idea and until I do, I will continue to stand my ground. – cashless society has long been the goal of the banking cabal. The banking cabal still have the keys to the kingdom – unless something changed since I published the video below.

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