The Israelis Tried to Cut Their Losses in Syria. They Failed

The Israelis Tried to Cut Their Losses in Syria. They Failed by Yossi Melman – Russia-Insider

TDC Note – Israel must’ve been using some of the new military technology coming from the Pentagon warmongers that haven’t built a decent piece of equipment in 20 years.


They hoped Assad would fall. Then they wished Syria would fall apart, taking Hezbollah with it. Despite recent efforts, the Israelis may now find themselves staring down the group on two fronts

As Iran consolidates its presence and influence in Syria, Israel fears that its “Syrian policy” is collapsing. To cut its losses, the Jewish state has embarked on a new and urgent diplomatic-intelligence initiative spearheaded by Mossad chief Yossi Cohen.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu disrupted Russian President Vladimir Putin’s summer holiday and flew to Sochi. He was accompanied by Cohen.

Last week, Cohen led a senior intelligence delegation, which included the chief of Israeli military intelligence Major-General Hertzi Halevi, to Washington for meetings with their counterparts.

In both meetings, the Israelis urged the Americans and Russians to put an immediate stop the deployment of Iranian, Lebanese Hezbollah and their Shia militias from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq near the Israeli border on the Golan and ask them leave Syria later on.

But according to well-informed Israeli sources, the missions failed. The Trump administration has decided to abandon its involvement in Syria once the Islamic State (IS) group is defeated, which will most probably happen in a matter of a few months.

Trump’s three messages

During the election campaign, Donald Trump emphasised an “America First” theme. He rejected any interventionist policy to address human rights issues or to help build democracy.

Eliminating IS in Iraq and Syria, in his mind, is solely a military action and will be followed quickly by a withdrawal. Trump doesn’t want the US to get deeply involved in Syria after IS loses its territories, a policy which has support among the American public.

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