Rent-A-Mob, Antifa Groups Head To Phoenix To Protest Trump Rally – Craigslist Ad Looking For ‘Females 18-30’

Rent-A-Mob, Antifa Groups Head To Phoenix To Protest Trump Rally – Craigslist Ad Looking For ‘Females 18-30’ by Susan Duclos – All News Pipeline

Phoenix is on high alert as President Trump is slated to be at the Phoenix Convention Center for a rally on Tuesday, where multiple Antifa groups are organizing to “protest” the rally, and Bikers for Trump organizing to attend in support of “peaceful” protest without the violence that follows Antifa everywhere they go.

To add a little more concern to tonight’s event, it appears, from the ad shown below, that “Rent-A-Mob” has a Craigslist ad offering $50 per hour for “convincing and energetic actors in the Phoenix Metro area to participate in an outdoor event at the Phoenix Convention Center,” on August 22, 2017.

The kicker? They are specifically advertising for “Females” aged 18-30 to apply, although they say all applications will be considered. The Craigslist ad was flagged and removed, but not before someone thought fast enough to capture a screen shot and post it on Facebook.

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Advertising specifically for women is a double pronged approached. The first reason is to stack the deck, make it appear that more women are against President Trump in an attempt to make Trump appear “anti-Woman,” evidently not enough women are captured on camera at the recent events that Antifa have crashed, and the second reason, via Steve Quayle in an email, comes from a spec ops General:


Interestingly enough it appears that other Craigslist ads keep appearing and disappearing, being dubbed “phantom ads,” that no one seems to know if are real or fake, this time looking for a diversity of “Trump supporters,” offer $10 per hour, but the recurring theme is they are also looking for a “head-shot photo and a resume.”



While the Democratic Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton attempted to get President Trump to “postpone” his rally, as of now the rally is still scheduled to be held. The Phoenix Convention Center hold 29,000, with multiple Antifa, socialist and pro-Illegal Alien groups are organizing protests to be held outside the Convention Center, along with anyone that wanted to attend the rally in support of President Trump but could not fit inside the Convention Center, which brings about conditions ripe for the violence that Antifa consistently brings with them to all events they attend.

Some of the groups slated to attend include the “Antifa,” which claims to be an “anti-Fascist” group that utilizes fascists tactics to suppress free speech it does not agree with. Their website page self-identifies them as “,” which states “We will converge, in the spirit of solidarity and hostility to the current order, and as a physical body ready to act in self-defense and mutual protection of each other from cops, fascists, and liberal/radical “peace police.”

Joining them will be the “Puente Human Rights Movement,” which is an organization that fights for illegal immigration, and they are hosting an event called “White Supremacy Will Not be Pardoned,” in protest against a possible pardon of former AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio.”

Other groups planning to protest include: Unity March Against Hate and Bigotry, Democratic Socialists of America – Phoenix, AZ Resist, Students for a Democratic Society, Arizona State University and Desert Progressives.

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