CNN Panel Agrees With Trump (Video)

CNN Panel Agrees With Trump Video – Bill Still

Would he castigate Arizona Sen. John McCain or his fellow Sen. Jeff Flake? Would he mention Charlottesville, after managing to change the subject the night before with his excellent speech at Fort Myer on Afghanistan. Have a significant number Republicans turned on him so that they will vote to censure him? Would the anarchist domestic terror group Antifa attack the crowds in Phoenix?

Trump ignored all of that and gave an off-script Trumpian performance that did what the pundits would surely have called “suicidal”. But to the average American, it was President Trump at his best. That’s why we love him, because he tells us the truth.

And another thing – the polls. Well, we’ve already proven that the polls are fake as a Clinton 3-dollar bill. But here is the ultimate poll – a recent panel on CNN.

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That’s right. We don’t see anything wrong with Trump’s response to Charottesville. Anyone with an ounce of common sense sees right through this trying to paint him as a Nazi, when the real Nazis are the Soros-paid ones dressed in black who were outside Trump’s venue last night.

The vast majority of the American public sees the association between Isis blowing up historic artifacts in the Middle East Isis and these Soros Nazis trying to get some TV face time by destroying any piece of American history they can get their hands on here. I mean the leader of the group that illegally took down the statue in Durham, NC last week was a North Korean communist. Pleeeease!

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