Evil Walks Among Us

Evil Walks Among Us by Rory – The Daily Coin

If ever there was one piece of evidence showing that the depths of evil the banksters have reached this very well may be that piece of evidence.

Earlier today I was listening to SGTReport’s latest interview – click here – and during the interview Sean introduced this video, that I have been unaware existed. Not only does it demonstrate, for the world to see, just how evil the Rothschild’s truly are while at the same time confirms something I have believed for a number of years – Israel is owned by the banksters and was conceived by the banksters. It only makes sense if you step back and ask yourself – how does a nation state the size of New Jersey dictate to the world and have the type of sophisticated technology they possess? Not just military technology but healthcare, agriculture and every other aspect of life. Israel either possesses or is currently developing/acquiring the latest top-shelf technology to be found on planet earth. If you look at that one question, realistically, there is only one logical conclusion – Israel is bankster owned and operated.

Rothschild himself reads the letter from 1917 in which the Queen blesses the whole situation. Pure evil on display. Be sure to avoid looking Rothschild directly in the eye – no telling what may happen to you and your family.

Video Source – Balfour 100

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