Cryptocurrencies: Running Wild Around The World

Cryptocurrencies: Running Wild Around The World by Rory – The Daily Coin

This year is shaping up in a such a way that one could not have imagined some of the events just a year ago.

If we look back to August 2016 we would see the precious metals market acting quiet different than August 2017. At that time the precious metals community was, for the most part, discussing precious metals. We were discussing what the cartel was doing and what our analysis was pointing towards for the short term, mid term and long term outlooks. The miners were attracting a lot of attention and were enjoying capital inflows unlike anything they had experienced in several years.

Fast forward to August 2017 and the precious metals community suddenly finds itself discussing cryptocurrencies and being told how wrong we have been for not getting out of precious metals and into cryptocurrencies. People, lots of people, both cryptocurrency advocates and precious metals enthusiast have been sharing how “large the profits are in cryptocurrencies”. Kind of sounds like a Goldman Sachs celebration after they fleeced the “muppets” or a group from Wells Fargo celebrating the profits generated from the scams they run. All blinded by profits and could care less about how they are earned. I understand, to a degree, gold and silver have been heavily manipulated and held down for the past 6 years, but that doesn’t change the fact the metals are real, tangible money and cryptocurrencies are a fiat based-on-faith currency – the exact same as a Federal Reserve Note.

Both communities have a desire for the same end result – freedom from this current system of financial and economic enslavement. With the Federal Reserve Note manipulating currencies around the world, and being born of fraud and corruption, this has impacted most all markets for the better part of the past 50+ years. The Federal Reserve hijacked the American economy and financials over a hundred years ago with their debt-based fiat currency ponzi scheme that has now enslaved the American people in perpetual debt.

It is impossible to discuss gold, silver or cryptocurrencies, without discussing sovereign currencies like the Federal Reserve Note, Japanese Yen, Euro and right down the line. These currencies play a major role in both the precious metals and cryptocurrency markets. Without these sovereign currencies how would precious metals and cryptocurrencies be valued? What would they be measured against? How could a person exchange their value for a good or service?

What I want to address is a very simple question. If someone, that has spent a lot of time listening to and reading what the criminal oligarchs have to say about our current and future monetary systems, repeats any information that runs counter to cryptocurrencies, well, there is an attack launched against what has been said. Why is this? Why is it since a person ask questions, presents factual information and attempts to understand what is happening is attacked for having a different viewpoint? Are questions inherently bad? If someone, heaven forbid, misspeaks or makes a mistake, my goodness, you would think that person just collectedly kicked everyones dog and slapped their child. Do people make mistakes? Thank goodness they do, otherwise, their humanity may be in question and they come off as a know-it-all and everybody hates those people.

I want out of this current system as much as anyone else. I want something to change and force the criminal banksters to their knees as much as anyone else. The banksters, like the Secretary of the Treasury, the too big to jail banks and their enablers at the Federal Reserve and in Congress, all need to be in prison for a multitude of crimes.

One of the ways this can happen is for a community to rise up and begin working outside the lines. Like GoldMoney has created. A gold backed debit/credit card that works within the system but is 100% outside the monetary system. Cryptocurrencies, the few that are backed by gold and/or silver, could do the same. Currently, most of the cryptocurrencies are no different than the Federal Reserve Note, or any other backed-by-nothing but “faith”, fiat currencies that are currently in use around the world. There is nothing tangible about these so-called currencies. Personally, I am tired of someone making up a “value” to digits-on-a-screen. This is exactly what we have in place now. The only difference is that “John Sat-on-sushi” says “his” cryptocurrency has value instead of Janet Yellen saying Federal Reserve Notes have value. There, literally, is no difference.

This always leads me back to the same question – if cryptocurrencies are a currency why have the banksters, central banksters and governments embraced them instead of attacking them as a counterfeit currency? Look at what happened to von Nothaus when he introduced his Liberty Dollar “voluntary currency”. Very swift attack, confiscating his currency, gold and silver, the dyes to create the coins and currency and the accounting ledgers tracking a lot of the currency around the country. The Federal government then tracked down the people they knew about and confiscated their currency/coins. That’s usually how governments and central banksters respond to counterfeiting – why not with cryptocurrencies?

Here is a great description about what happened to von Nothaus and why I bring this very important question to the table at every opportunity.

Mr. von NotHaus claims he never meant the Liberty Dollar to be used as legal tender. He says he created it as “a private voluntary currency” for those conducting business outside the government’s purview. Source

Now, either I lack the mental capacity of understanding or that sounds EXACTLY like what is happening with cryptocurrencies.

His guiding metaphor is the relationship between the Postal Service and FedEx. “What happened in the FedEx model,” he testified, “is that they” — a private company offering services the government did not — “brought competition to the post office.” Source

Either I’m missing something or this raises a lot questions about why cryptocurrencies are being allowed to run wild. The Liberty Dollar currency, which had only moved into 80 cities in the U.S., was squashed like a June-bug on a windshield. Unlike cryptocurrencies that are moving all around the globe and seem to have a life of their own outside of currency laws.

At his federal trial, witnesses testified to the Liberty Dollar’s criminal similitude to standard American coins. They said his coins included images of Lady Liberty and cheekily reversed “In God We Trust” to “Trust in God.” Then again, his coins were made of real gold and silver, as American coins are not, and came in different sizes and unusual denominations of $10 and $20.

In his own defense, Mr. von NotHaus testified about a “philanthropic mission” to combat devaluation with a currency based on precious metals and asserted that he was not involved in “a radical armed offense against the government or their money.”

It was, of course, to no avail; and in 2011, a jury found him guilty after a 90-minute deliberation.

In von NotHaus’ own words:

“The thing that fires me up the most,” he will say, “is this is what happens: When money goes bad, people go crazy. Do you know why? Because they can’t exist without value. Value is intrinsic in man.” Source

This sentiment, I feel confident, is exactly how most of the true alternative currency community sees and understands the need for a different monetary system. The speculators are simply in it for the profits and I’m not really concerned about them. It’s the core people that, like myself, seek an escape hatch from this current system. It just seems odd that governments around the world are embracing this technology, the alternative currencies, and not one person has been imprisoned for counterfeiting or even any questions raised by governments, banksters or any of their enablers. The total current value of the cryptocurrency market is $100 BILLION+ and it’s not that much in comparison to the global fiat currency market, FOREX, but it is multiple times higher than von NotHaus had brought to the table. I will not let this simple question rest as I see it as the “smoking gun” and wonder why more people are not asking this same question.

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