Parents Have Been Warned: Destroy This Toy

Parents Have Been Warned: Destroy This Toy by Jocelynn Smith – Banyan Hill

TDC Note – The questions that should be ask, what is the government afraid of within this toy? What technology could potentially be let “out of the box”? If the government of Germany is ordering people to destroy this toy and if they don’t the parents face a $25,000Euro fine, well, it must be something they don’t want found. Why would the government fine a person $25,000Euro’s for not destroying a toy?  – it doesn’t throw it in the trash, recycle it – it says destroy.


Paper flew through the air, followed by the sound of two little girls squealing with delight.

It was a good sign that I’d hit upon a solid Christmas gift for my nieces.

But that wasn’t the only response I was waiting for.

My brother (their father) turned the tablet where we were having the Skype call over Christmas morning so I could see his face. He glared at me. “I can’t believe you did that. Payback, Joce. Payback is going to be horrible.”

I laughed, knowing that I’d won this round at least.

There’s an old tradition in my family where we attempt to find the loudest or messiest gift for our nieces and nephews. It was the fire engine with the ear-grating siren. Or the plastic factory that oozed slime. Or in my case, the giant box of musical instruments.

Of course, you were still trying to find a gift that made your niece or nephew happy. It was an added bonus when you could also get something that tormented your sibling.

However, while I love to torture my brothers, there are some dangerous toys that I won’t be buying my nieces this next Christmas because I want to keep my family safe.

Even the Feds Are Worried

Last month, the FBI issued a warning regarding toys that are connected to the Internet. Several groups have issued similar warnings in the past, but this is the first time that the FBI has stepped forward with growing concerns about privacy and safety risks.

The FBI warned that “such toys may contain parts or capabilities such as microphones, cameras, GPS, data storage and speech recognition that may disclose personal information.”

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