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Getting Ready For the Long Walk by Lone Wolf and Cub – Survival Blog

As a preface to this article, I will say that my family consists of my son and me. He is the light of my life. He is my inspiration for survival. I have few good friends that I consider loyal and trustworthy. They take preparation seriously, although I know many people who do not. The following is based on a hypothetical situation in which society breaks down very quickly and violently. To me, it is a real possibility, and I draw upon my experience of living among different societies, which galvanizes this belief. I am not a doom and gloomer; I’m simply a survivalist. I am also a realist. Call me Lone Wolf and Cub.

Retreat Location

My retreat property is in a remote location three hours driving time away. I am currently unable to live there year round because I work in an urban environment. If my vehicle breaks down for whatever reason and I cannot effectively repair it, then we will be forced to walk. There may be no one willing or able to drive us. Then, we will be forced to continue walking, until we arrive at our retreat. In the event of a total collapse, I hope our retreat does not have unwanted guests when we arrive and that its well-stocked stores aren’t raided. At this point, I can only pray that is not the case and does not occur until the time when conditions improve through my efforts.

My “Public Service Announcement” to Urban Dwellers

This article deals with a man and his three-year-old son on the way to their retreat. It’s just us– Lone Wolf and Cub. This article will also deal with why we have to leave the city in a total collapse situation. It will go into gear and supplies we will need and will even go so far as to when and why collapse will happen. If you do not agree with me on the very real possibility of total collapse, then when it does happen I hope you remember that I told you so. I will also go about the sheer drudgery of the new world somewhere in the remote rural regions of this country with my conscience clear, and I will be content. Consider the following a public service announcement.

The intention of this article is to get people who live in the city and who are not prepared motivated to get prepared for the worst case scenario— total societal collapse.

I would advise all readers to continue to read until the end of the article to reap the maximum benefit possible. I would urge you to provide this article to those living in an urban environment, especially those ill prepared. Those two factors make up the majority of our country’s population.

My Background

I am a currently serving army medic and was chosen the top candidate for my medical training by 19 other members in our 21 member graduating class. I have also received two letters of commendation by separate base surgeons for my actions performed above and beyond the call of duty. Additionally, I have conducted a presentation on winter survival preparedness for my unit as well as created a presentation on ballistic wound profiles that is available for military members. Facing life and death situations, I have been victorious and am a warrior. Elite professional soldiers have also called me such.

Civilization Collapse

If you are able to cope with a worst case scenario, than you will be capable of facing lesser situations as well. The reverse is not true. A complete grid down scenario will cause widespread disruption in food distribution. Grocery store shelves will be cleared out in a matter of hours. Most people will be hungry and angry. Within a matter of days, the world as we know it will collapse.

The author Dmitry Orlov describes this as, “Faith in the goodness of humanity is lost.” It is the final level of a book that describes the the five stages of collapse of human civilization.

You need to get rid of any self doubts about whether total collapse is possible or not. You must now realize that there exists a very real danger that total collapse is a clear and present danger; and it must be acted upon.

Stage 1: Facing Your Fears

Get right with God. Understand that If you have grown up in a western society, then you have been at least covertly raised a Christian.

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