Chris Duane: Silver Solutions for Our Collapsing Economy

Chris Duane: Silver Solutions for Our Collapsing Economy

Chris Duane: Silver Solutions for Our Collapsing Economy by Rory – The Daily Coin

If we had better solutions to our current problems would we have any problems?

Generational wealth has been achieved by a select group of people on planet earth. Unfortunately, none of these people seem to have an eye for humanity, with the exception of seeing humanity as something to control and harvest; like so many ears of corn.

Aaron Russo, producer of Freedom of Fascism, interviewed some true freedom fighters, like Irwin Schiff, Peter Schiff’s father, who died a political prisoner in 2015 in Dallas, Tx. These interviews make up the documentary Freedom of Fascism. If you have not seen this incredible work, stop what you are doing and watch this documentary. – click here – If you have seen it, it is probably time for a refresher viewing to be reminded of what is it at stake and what is happening to our world.

Not only did Aaron Russo interview freedom fighters, he also interviewed a  Rothschild. This is one of the most terrifying pieces of information ever recorded. This Rothschild criminal is all too happy to spell everything out for anyone to hear. This is the thing, the globalist are not afraid to tell you what they are doing or what they plan on doing. What is rarely, if ever, given out is the timeline. There is one exception and that is the Economist magazine of the currency changing in 2018 – you know, 5 months from today.

I sat down with Chris Duane, Silver Shield Xchange and The Greatest Truth Never Told, to discuss how we can overcome some of the obstacles we currently face. As anyone paying attention knows our economy is in serious trouble and has never recovered from the 2008 meltdown. The debt has grown much larger, the economy has weakened substantially and our military continues to kill people around the world because… but we can always rely upon the deadstream media to tell us what they want us to know instead actually reporting the days events from an honest point of view.

What if there were a solution to our current situation? What if we – you and me – could create our own community that utilizes the capital we have in hand for the purposes of creating wealth for our community, ourselves and our future? Not a debt based scenario filled with abuses, corruption and lies, but an actual community based on laws.

Give this a listen and let me know your thoughts. If you’re serious about “preparedness” and about ending this current economic nightmare, for yourself and your family, we need to talk.

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