China: The Real Global Power – Alasdair Macleod

China: The Real Global Power – Alasdair Macleod by Rory, The Daily Coin

TDC Note – With the recent release of an update from Alasdair Macleod – click here – I thought it would be good idea to revisit information from exactly two years ago. A lot has changed, but the path is quiet clear as you will learn during the interview below.


Since China has rolled out a series of currency devaluations and made two different public announcements regarding their official gold holdings it seemed like a perfect time to check in with Alasdair Macleod.

On the surface the currency devaluations were not that significant. The announcement regarding their official gold holdings did not change anyones outlook regarding the gold market or the currency market.

Looking behind the curtain we see something more and something much larger and more telling than the mainstream financial analyst are reporting. Mr. Macleod breaks down the significance of the five different events, three currency devaluations and two gold announcements and the implications for Eurasia, the US and Europe. It would appear there is much more to the story than is being reported in most channels.

As a lot of you know I spoke with Jeff Nielson on Monday August 17 regarding these same issues. Mr. Macleod agrees with Mr. Nielson and manages to shed a whole new light on the subject. Having a view from a European seat allows one a slightly different perspective and Mr. Macleod delivers, once again, as only he can. If you think the gold market and currency markets haven’t been dealt a massive wake-up call then give this a listen. Between now and years end gold and currency should be at the top of the list of items to watch.

The audio only version is available unedited, without ads, for download or stream at or search itunes for Silverfarm.

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