Preparedness For Newcomers To The Group

Preparedness For Newcomers To The Group by Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog

When the balloon goes up and the “S” hits the fan for real, you will hunker down into defensive mode.

You have prepared for a long time and now your preparedness will pay off big time. You have been the Ant while all the Grasshppers were partying.

The future looks grim for those who didn’t see it coming. They laughed and even scoffed at you for being a prepper. After all, preppers are just a bunch of kook’s right?

While the impact rapidly sets in and others are running out of food, water, and supplies, you begin to realize that you might have overlooked something very important.

store more food and supplies to support newcomers to the group

It’s getting dangerous out there. I mean really dangerous. And it’s just you and your spouse sitting on all your supplies.

The unprepared are desperately trying to discover who may have food and other supplies to spare. Some of them might already suspect or know that you are one of those ‘preppers’.

People have begun to knock on their neighbors doors looking for handouts. They are getting angrier by the hour.

The local churches, food banks, and support organizations have done their due diligence and provided for the needy until they themselves ran out.

The government’s attempts at securing food distribution has largely failed given the extent of collapse. People not going to work despite government orders. They fear for their families safety.

The 18-wheelers that are rolling are being ambushed. Supplies are not making it to their destinations.

Groups of societies bad-element and groups of the aggressive desperate are roaming and stealing wherever they can. The cities have fallen into absolute mayhem. The suburbs have become very dangerous targets. Rural areas are faring better but the hungry are resorting to desperate means there too.

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