A New Type of Crime Wave Will Send This Industry Soaring

A New Type of Crime Wave Will Send This Industry Soaring by Bill Bonner – Bonner and Partners

In the past few months, the nightly news has been plastered with political protests turned violent. Riots in the nation’s capital, Baltimore, Chicago, and even on university campuses have caught the attention of the average American.

But behind all this, there is a new crime wave sweeping across the country.

Unlike crimes of the past, this one can’t be stopped by more locks, security cameras, or guards. And these new criminals aren’t desperate amateurs. They are fully funded, sophisticated criminal organizations that function like a normal corporation. Some even have human resource, accounting, and engineering departments.

I’m talking about the rising threat of cybercrime in the United States. This new criminal element is quickly becoming an epidemic as numerous companies and individuals fall victim to this new type of crime.

Markets don’t understand how severe this threat is yet, but they will. And that presents a unique opportunity for investors. Let me explain…

$3 Trillion Stolen by 2020

During the first three months of this year, I attended seven conferences and several other tech-related events.

One of them was the RSA Conference.

It’s the major annual cryptography and cybersecurity conference of the tech industry. It has become absolutely massive (43,000 visitors).

The company that put on the conference, RSA Security, created and successfully deployed public key cryptography. That’s the underlying technology that allows people to send encrypted messages back and forth.

The conference was a great place for industry meetings, but many of the presentations are highly “scrubbed.” Companies are not as open and forward-looking as they used to be.

The big boys like Microsoft and HP had almost nothing interesting to say. Their presentations were so generic and fluffy. I almost fell asleep.

But there was one aspect of the Microsoft presentation that caught my attention…

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