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After a two week hiatus, John and Steve returned last evening with a comprehensive update on all that has transpired since they last spoke. Additionally, Professor Cohen finally broached the subject that brought all of this to our attention over three years ago. Namely, that this crisis can eventually lead to the “de-dollarization” about which we have been speculating since the start of TFMR seven years ago.

The first two segments of this show deal with The New Cold War and the sanctions regime recently passed by the US Congress in a near-unanimous vote. It is very important that you listen to this part of the show so that you fully understand the significance of what has transpired.

Then, in segment three, we finally get to what first drew us to this subject in 2014. Back then, when we first started posting these weekly podcasts, we understood the long-term significance of the conflict to be economic. In short, the US was acting as if it “held all the cards” when, in fact, the opposite was true. If/when Russia, and by extension China, ever felt economically threatened, this would only serve to speed the path toward de-dollarization and a move away from the US$ as global reserve currency. This could come through a multitude of actions ranging from US treasury bond sales to the outright offering of a new and potentially gold-backed trading currency.

Well, guess what? In segment three, this is exactly the point that Professor Cohen finally makes! You might consider when was the last time you heard such a topic discussed in “mainstream” media. And again, THIS is why we began closely following this situation in the first place!

So, please be sure to listen this week and every week. The New Cold War is an ongoing conflict and you need to stay abreast of all the ever-changing developments.


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