Jeff Brown: The Big Lie Works

Jeff Brown: The Big Lie Works by Rory – The Daily Coin

I had the good fortune to meet one of the people I have been speaking with for more than 3 years. We discuss, as many of you know, global issues, current events and how the unfolding paradigm shift is going to morph into the next currency/monetary system.

Jeff Brown, China Rising, and I met in New Orleans at, Attiki, a small restaurant in the French Quarter. Joelle, the young lady running the front of the house, was kind enough to leave us be and let us record our show. The food was great and the conversation was even better.

Most people in the U.S. would be shocked to learn that approximately 0.51$ of each Federal Reserve Note earned actually goes to the government in the form of taxes. Some type of tax is draining your account. Taxes in the form of state, local, property, income, gas, usage, food, tolls, excise, phone, water and the list continues from there until most of our income is not our income, but has already been promised to someone outside of our family.

China has very high taxes as well, but unlike in the U.S. where the roads are filled with potholes, the bridges are crumbling, healthcare costs us a huge percentage of our income, in China universal healthcare is provided, the roadways are cared for and the bridges to nowhere are rock solid.

This was the first topic that Jeff and I cover and the 20 minute show is an exercise in comparing and contrasting Jeff’s American and Chinese experiences. With more than 17 years of Chinese life, Jeff has a pretty good idea of what is happening and how it happens. As a natural born American citizen, and having spent most of his life in the U.S., Jeff is more than qualified to compare the two countries and discuss his personal view regarding the lay-of-the-land.

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