Buy This Beaten-Down Stock to Profit From the Next Great Megatrend

Buy This Beaten-Down Stock to Profit From the Next Great Megatrend by Justin Spittler – Casey Research

Investors are buying “junk.”

At least that’s what Eric Fry thinks.

Eric is a good friend of Casey Research… The Oxford Club’s Macro Strategist… and one of the best traders in the country.

In fact, he won last year’s Portfolios with Purpose contest.

This stock-picking competition pits some of the world’s best investors against one another. The investor with the highest return over 12 months receives a cash prize that they can donate to the charity of their choice.

Last year, Eric’s portfolio returned 150%. That was far better than anyone else in his category. It was also enough to beat the likes of David Einhorn, Kyle Bass, and Mark Yusko.

These are billionaires and some of the most successful investors on the planet. And Eric crushed them all.

Here’s a picture of him collecting his prize money, which was donated to the Roberto Clemente Health Clinic in Nicaragua.

• In short, Eric knows a thing or two about investing…

So, I couldn’t wait to hear him speak at the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium in Vancouver.

When his time came, he didn’t disappoint.

His speech was educational and entertaining. Best of all, he revealed one of the biggest investing opportunities of the next decade.

Most investors know about this megatrend. But few are playing it right.

They’re buying “junk” instead of the right “stuff.”

I’ll explain what Eric means by this in a second. I’ll also tell you about the red-hot stock Eric says you should sell right now…and the beaten-down stock he says you should buy.

But you should first understand why I’m in Vancouver.

• A month ago, I sold all my belongings…

I turned in my house key. And I hit the road.

That’s right. I left sunny South Florida behind to become a true digital nomad.

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