Will Silver Be Allowed to Reach for $16.80?

Will Silver Be Allowed to Reach for $16.80? by Rory – The Daily Coin

Thursday and Friday are seemingly important days for the metals, especially silver. With the Federal Reserve Note trending down, copper moving to the upside it would make sense for silver to rally higher. The bullion banksters see it a little different than we stackers.

Wednesday ended the day with silver moving higher and all looked great coming into Thursday morning. Then the cartel had their coffee and went to work. Silver was hammered down almost 0.15$ in about 30-45 minutes. This just ensures silver will struggle, at least on Thursday, to breach the $16.80 mark which is necessary to allow the big-dogs to run.

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As you can see silver is headed back below yesterdays close, which is not a good sign. This should begin triggering stop-loses and send the metal even lower. We could see some buying come in a stop this downward trend but it’s not looking too good as of right now.

There is absolutely no reason for silver to be trending lower today. The durable goods report came out today with a bang to the upside, which should be a bullish indicator for silver. According to ZeroHedge – This was the biggest surge in DurGoods since July 2014’s record Boeing order also screwed with the data…

Can someone please explain to me how copper, a vital metal to manufacturing, can be trending downward when the durable goods report released earlier today was so positive? Does this prove the U.S. manufacturing base is of no consequence or that the “market” is so rigged the cartel doesn’t care to even hide their crimes?

Below are 5-minute charts of both copper and silver from Finviz.com

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One can clearly see an up trend for both, which should be happening with the Federal Reserve Note moving down and a positive economic report that directly impacts both metals. However, on the silver chart you can see right around the time the COMEX opened the very familiar up, down, up – slam! Then, out of the blue, down, down, down and down some more.

If copper reaches $2.95 and silver climbs back to $16.80 we should have a great weekend. There is still time and please keep an eye on what is happening. Today and tomorrow have the potential to set up gold and silver, especially silver, for a fantastic move higher. Believe me, if I know this, the cartel knows it as well, as seen in the charts above. Let’s hope for the best, but just in case, keep a little dry powder close at hand. When your dealing with criminals, anything is possible.

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