LameStream Media Demonstrates, Again, They Are the MouthPiece for Warmongering Dept/Deep State

LameStream Media Demonstrates, Again, They Are the MouthPiece for Warmongering Dept/Deep State by Rory – The Daily Coin

The deadstream media still hasn’t learned that no one outside of the bubble they created wants tension between Russia and the U.S. – period – no one wants war except the warmongering department, CIA and their mouthpiece, the deadstream media.

I was going to simply republish the video along with the transcript but as I listened to more and more of the questions and how Mr. Lavrov continually deflected these, very obvious, CIA written questions, the madder I became.

The world over understands what is happening between President Trump and the criminal powers, the embedded leeches, inside Washington DC. The only people that don’t seem to understand – that we all know what’s going on – are the deep state criminals continually pushing division between Russia and the U.S.

It becomes quiet clear, from the introduction, how this interview is going to transpire.

Question: Minister, thank you very much for your time. There is a lot to talk about. There is Syria, there is North Korea, there is China, there is Ukraine, there is ISIS. But inevitably, I’d like to begin by talking to you about Russian-US relations. There are pictures of you with the Obama administration, in which you look unhappy. There are pictures of you with President Trump in which you look like you are having fun.

Lavrov, regarding this line of questioning, manages to convey the sentiment of most people around the world, and especially in the U.S., in two simple words.

S.Lavrov: So what?

This so-called “reporter” is undeterred by the fact that he, like Megyn Kelly during the G20 meeting, has just been handed his hat and continues his smug nonsense with his rebuttal. To which, Lavrov, once again, puts this “reporter” in his place. – please keep in mind this is the first 2-3 minutes of their meeting!

Question: Is that the way it is?

S.Lavrov: I haven’t seen any picture of me, which could be described as me being happy or unhappy. If I laugh, then the gentleman who talks to me might have cracked a joke. If I don’t laugh, the partner might be boring or the partner might be asking for some serious issue to be considered, and then I am not laughing.

But with John Kerry for example – we laughed a lot. He had… He has I hope, still, very good humor. And we enjoyed our private relations as much as we concentrated on our business – on Syria and elsewhere.

Next we see how the mainstream media is trained to push emotional buttons, for the American audience, in order to knock the unaware American citizen off balance and get them emotionally charged and, therefore, not thinking about what is being said or what is actually happening because their emotions are now driving their thought patterns.

Question: If there is a warmer relationship now with the Trump administration than there have been with previous American administrations, there are also messages from Moscow that are unhappy with things, particularly the Russian compounds that were seized by the Americans. What is the real feeling towards Washington as you would describe it right now? Are there particular people within the administration that you think are more constructive to Russia than others? Do you for example think that President Trump has a more positive attitude towards Russia than Secretary Tillerson for example?

And once again, we hear what diplomacy sounds like, and acts like, when confronted with a child-like, emotion driven interrogation. We can only hope the unaware are no too far off center to hear how Lavrov destroys this “reporter” – with professionalism and facts.

S.Lavrov: Look, we can only rely on what people say and what people do. And it’s obvious that during the Obama administration the irritation for whatever reason started building up in Washington against us many years ago – long before the Ukrainian crisis, long before anything else which is now cited as the problem in Russian-American relations. The first time I think it was publicly shown was when Edward Snowden made it to Russia in the expectation that he would be able to take a flight to Latin America, and Russia was just a stopover. As he was flying from China to Russia his passport was declared invalid, and this information was circulated to the airports all over the world, including to the Moscow airport where he landed and could not be let through because of the information received about his passport. And then President Obama called President Putin, John Kerry called me, John Brennan called his counterpart in Moscow – all many times, saying, “You must extradite him, you must extradite him.” And according to our legislation, we cannot extradite people who are being persecuted for something they did to protect and promote human rights. And then President Obama, I would say entirely unpresidentially, was frustrated so much that he cancelled his bilateral visit to Moscow, which was scheduled immediately on the eve of the Saint Petersburg G20 summit. He did attend the summit in Saint Petersburg, but he did cancel the visit which was supposed to consider quite important agenda. I believe it is not for the people who occupy any position of influence and importance in the current world to get offended like small kids on issues which are absolutely incomparable to the issues which had to be discussed, which were to be discussed at the Russian-American summit. And then of course the Magnitsky law, which as we now see was very much orchestrated, but I hope the investigation which is going on, including in the United States, would discover the truth. All this was long before Ukraine. And all this was accumulated by the Obama administration, building on I would say some personal agendas.

Lavrov simply points to the truth, and the facts of the matter, and the exact moment when the Russia-U.S. relationships began having serious, elevated, problems. All of which manifested while Obomba was in office, not Trump. Trump is just trying to get along and make something positive happen – or at least keep the nuclear weapons from flying.

Why does the U.S. warmongering department have this deep-seeded need for a nuclear war? We all understand the defense contractors are raking in billions and billions and billions of profits and becoming fatter everyday off our labor collected through taxes. From my perspective there seems to be something more to all this “Russia did it” and the U.S. must “get Russia” the enemy.

My guess is, these deep staters are setting-up the American people to blame Russia for the unfolding economic collapse. Our system is failing, the carpet-baggers have raped close to all the wealth possible, with the exception of the pension funds and they are most certainly coming for that pile of wealth as well. But where does that leave these criminals once that “cookie-jar” has been raided and pillaged of what remains? What other large pool of wealth can they steal? None – there are no other “cookie-jars” to be raided.

Throughout history the next step is war. This is, in my opinion, the reason for most of what we see happening on the geopolitical stage. The bad news is, poking a bear in the eye has consequences and the U.S. military is all but completely drained. This is to say nothing of the equipment they are straddled with that is either 30 years old or doesn’t work properly. Not much of fighting machine when one of your best weapons can be shut down with he flip of a switch.

For those of you that wish to read the transcript instead of watching the interview – click here for all the details, and the beating, this “reporter” takes at the hands of a professional.


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