Lynette Zang: Legacy Derivatives Will Implode the System

Lynette Zang: Legacy Derivatives Will Implode the System

Lynette Zang: Legacy Derivatives Will Implode the System by Rory – The Daily Coin

The World Economic Forum; you had everybody there all the guys, all the big players and they’ve been dumping billions and probably even trillions into this technology. I think the only thing that’s buying us a tiche of time is the number of transactions per minute that can be concluded or conducted on this blockchain technology. That’s really the area that buys us a little bit of time. They’ve all been working on it furiously and my bet is we’ll have a US Dollar coin.~Lynette Zang, The Daily Coin

2017 will be the year of cryptocurrencies. The explosion in price, the rise and fall, the volume of “coins” coming to market and the introduction of gold backed cryptocurrencies.

When the Federal Reserve Note, US Dollar, became the world reserve currency the note itself did not change. The “dollar” bills you had your wallet the day before were perfectly acceptable the day after. It APPEARED as if nothing had changed when in fact, everything had changed.

In 1971 when the Federal Reserve Note, US Dollar, world reserve currency defaulted on August 15, we saw the same pattern repeat. The “dollar” bills in your wallet still worked at the gas station, the grocery store and everywhere else, making it to APPEAR as if nothing had changed, when in fact, once again, everything had changed. It’s the APPEARANCE, and not the underlying functionality of the dollar, that matters to the people.

As we reported back in August 2016 the central banks now have a cryptocurrency called Utility Settlement Coin. If someone could point out a time in history when centralized money had competition I would be forever grateful. Centralized money distribution has, to my knowledge, has never allowed competition.

Will this somehow change with the introduction of cryptocurrencies? Are the central planners training the people to accept a fully digitized form of currency? Will the central planners outlaw the current batch of cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, ethereum, monero, and the like, and introduce their form of cryptocurrency? It seems the last remaining piece of the puzzle, transaction times, is being worked on right now to speed the process and make it more acceptable to more people.

With everything happening in the currency world it was difficult to move away from this subject with someone who’s knowledge runs as deep Ms. Zang. She is an expert in the currency field. However, we have other points on the agenda.

With Trump losing the battle to repeal Obamacare, with a do-nothing CONgress in tow, what about the other items on President Trumps agenda that he laid out during his campaign? Personally, I don’t see him getting anything done except help the banksters steal more of our wealth, strengthen the police state and continue the unConstitutional wars around the world. The warmongering department runs deep and has a hand in a great many pots. Ms. Zang on the other hand seems to believe President Trump will accomplish most of the items on his “to-do list”.

One of the items is to further deregulate the banks. At this stage the banks need no more protection from the law – they all need to be investigated, instead of being handed even more keys to the wealth of the people.

Infrastructure and banking deregulation. Yeah, I think he will be able to get those through. I think there will be some kind of closed door meetings and I think you’ll see a noticeable shift allowing that policy.

Once a derivative is created it doesn’t go away. So, we still have all those legacy derivatives and there’s no market for them, so a lot of the them are on the Central Banks balance sheet now. That’s what’s going to implode the whole system and that’s what they’re getting ready for in that money standard shift.~Lynette Zang, The Daily Coin

In the end it all comes back to the money. Who has it, who controls it and what form it takes. These are the questions of the day and as you will discover during this truly engaging conversation, Ms. Zang is someone we should all spend a little more time with as the topics she covers, with ease and grace, are not simple, however, she makes it very easy to understand and by the end the of this conversation one should be sufficiently angered to the point of action.


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