Throw In The Towel On Paper, Not Gold: Doug Casey (Video)

Throw In The Towel On Paper, Not Gold: Doug Casey Video

Don’t tell best-selling author and noted gold aficionado Doug Casey that gold is a speculative play.
“Gold is not the only thing I do but it is the most important thing that anybody can do right now,” said Casey during part one of his interview with Kitco News. “[Gold] should not be viewed like trading soy beans,” Casey said, adding that it represents “savings in the simplest form.” And, the longtime gold investor’s conviction on the metal doesn’t seem to be waning. “If you are going to throw in the towel on anything, it’s paper currencies.”

Part 1

Part 2
“[President Donald] Trump is not a Libertarian he is an authoritarian,” says best-selling author Doug Casey in part two of his interview with Kitco News, critiquing the U.S. president’s track record. “The good news about Trump is that he has some business instincts; so he’s trying to cut expenses, he’s trying to cut regulation, that’s the bright side. On the not-so-bright side, he is playing chicken with Syria and North Korea — the last thing we can use at this point is nuclear war.” Casey went on to note that “praetorian” agencies including the CIA, members of the financial world, academia and the media all “hate” Trump and are actively working against him. “So how is this going to work out? I don’t know, but when the economy inevitably does collapse, and I still think it will happen this year, he will blamed for it — so I think it is going to be an ugly situation.”

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