Why Gold and Silver Prices Have Further to Fall in 2017 (Video)

Why Gold and Silver Prices Have Further to Fall in 2017 video – Illuminati Silver

For since 6th June 2016 the FED raised interest rates 3 times – 14th December 2016, 16th March 2017 and 14th June 2017 with further rises promised for later in the year. This has undoubtedly had a negative impact on gold and silver prices despite the fact that political turmoil and uncertainty, North Korea and a New US Presidency besmirched with accusations of secret Russian dealings have underpinned gold and silver prices. The stock markets have been on a tear reaching ever increasing highs.

Yellen commented yesterday at an intense hearing before the House of Representatives’ Financial Services Committee. This is what she said:
“Interest rates are likely to remain historically low over the longer term……. And that the bank was looking to normalise its policies, neither boosting or limiting economic activity….. But a key bank interest rate would not have to rise “all that much further” to reach that neutral level.”

Video Source – Illuminati Silver

“The US jobs market has strengthened and inflation is expected to rise toward the Federal Reserve’s 2% target, …..The global economy has also improved, although economic challenges remain…. And that the Fed was committed to relying primarily on interest rates as its key policy tool and noted that many of her colleagues thought one further rate increase would be warranted this year.”

OK so in plain English terms, this means that if he is successful, President Trump will drastically cut back on Government Regulation and allow the banks to lend and borrow with wilful abandon. Remember he has committed himself to developing an economy with at least a 4% GDP growth target and he has to achieve this before the next Presidential election. The effect of this will simply be that stock markets will rise even further and do not be surprised to see the Dow Jones hit 25,000 or even higher as we predicted a possibility prior to Trump winning the election. Gold and silver prices will fall short term, as other investment opportunities such as equities will be deemed more attractive and then, eventually, the chickens will come home to roost.

So under Janet Yellen’s existing policies, we see some downward pressure on gold and silver prices as rates are slowly increased and then held. If President Trump get’s his way, we shall almost undoubtedly witness massive injections of capital into the economy due to reduced Banking restrictions and frankly potentially careless lending, resulting in a further decline in gold and silver prices – at least for a year or so as equity markets become the go to place for capital investment.

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