Bill Holter: Nothing Will Be Fixed Until Rule of Law is Fixed (Video)

Bill Holter: Nothing Will Be Fixed Until Rule of Law is Fixed Video

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed returning guest, Bill Holter…. Bill works with famous Wall Street trader and “Mr. Gold,” Jim Sinclair over at JS Mineset

Bill has worked for decades in the financial industry, traded and he also used to write articles for Miles Franklin.

Long discussion this week between Bill Holter and Lynette Zang

During this 30+ minute interview, Jason starts off by asking Bill if President Donald Trump has done anything he likes so far?

Bill says Trump has yet to fix enormous problems like re-instituting the rule of law back in the US and until the rule of law is fixed/restored, nothing major is capable of changing. Bill says criminals like Hillary Clinton and others need to go to prison. Later in the interview, Jason and Bill discuss how the CFTC admitted gold and silver were heavily manipulated before former CFTC Chairman, Gary Gensler left, but they ignored the rule of law and refused to prosecute any bankers or traders for manipulating gold and silver.

President Trump is now taking credit for a stock market rally since he won the election which will be bad for Trump once the stock market has a major correction or crashes in the near future.

Jason then asks Bill about the global macro situation and how much easy money and credit central banks have put into asset markets. Central banks now over over $18 (in US Dollars) worth of assets and have already put $1.5 trillion of QE already into propping up asset prices in 2017.

Next, Jason asks Bill about sentiment in the gold, silver and mining shares markets for US retail investors. Bill says this is probably the worst he’s ever seen it as many have thrown in the towel.

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