Should Trump Attack N Korea? (Video)

Should Trump Attack N Korea? Video – Bill Still

Synopsis: Attorney Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch, and now heading up Freedom Watch, is calling for a massive attack on North Korea as the only solution now that they have demonstrated a working ICBM.

It is difficult to argue against Klayman. Fortunately, President Trump was able to get Chinese President Xi Jinging to threaten North Korea with a complete cutoff of oil should they test another nuke. This threat was issued on the eve of North Korea’s test. The result – the test has never happened.

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That test was said to be of a miniaturized nuclear weapon small enough to be placed on the top of their new ICBM, which was successfully tested on July 4th.

The problem at this point is not whether a fully tested and successfully miniaturized nuke can be delivered by their new ICBM. The problem is that a less–sophisticated nuke can do infinitely more damage to the United States than just taking out Seattle or San Francisco.

It has been estimated that a nuke detonated hundreds of miles above the U.S. mainland could possibly kill 90% of the U.S. population over the subsequent year. However, there has been precious little testing, especially in the last 50 years. We really don’t know how much damage would be done, how large a warhead would have to be or the height of the explosion for maximum impact.

However, this is a threat that cannot be ignored for much longer. It seems that our intelligence community was surprised that N. Korea was ready to test an ICBM. But it was also surprised that it did so from a mobile launcher. This may or may not have been an intel failure. Outside of the Oval Office, we cannot know.

Bottom line: North Korea is such a closed, totalitarian society that there could be other surprises coming – like the ability to launch from a submarine close enough to U.S. shores to get off an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) blast over at least some portion of the U.S. which would fry all unprotected electronic devices over a very wide radius of possibly hundreds of miles. Here is a photo of a recent N. Korean ballistic missile launch from under water. This is not good.

I have great trust in President Trump’s ability to weigh all these factors and come to the best decision, however, one more error on the part of the intel community – that is, if they were truly surprised by the mobile ICBM launch – could be a fatal mistake for hundreds of millions of Americans and could end America’s precious experiment in freedom.

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