Italy’s Backlash to Soaring Invasion (Video)

Italy’s Backlash to Soaring Invasion Video – Bill Still

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With the closing of the overland routes between Turkey and Western Europe, the primary route for the Soros-sponsored invasion is now Italy.
We first did a story on the Mediterranean invasion route from ports in North Africa across 260 miles of the Mediterranean Sea to Sicily and southern Italy on Dec. 3, 2016. Tiny overcrowded boats set sail northwards for Italy never have to go more than a few miles offshore before they are “rescued” by a variety of Soros-sponsored NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) operating much larger ships, then whisked to an ever-changing variety of Italian ports so-as to not alert the public.

The average European is now becoming acutely aware that the floodtide of migrants will surely kill Western Europe economically and culturally, but this message is only now beginning to filter upwards to the elites that run the EU.

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On Friday, Italy’s former Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi – a former believer in the invasion disguised as a New World Order race-mixing experiment – wrote in his new book:

“We need to free ourselves from a sense of guilt. We do not have the moral duty to welcome into Italy people who are worse off than ourselves….”
Renzi is also the leader of Italy’s Democratic Party. The comments were initially printed in party’s website, but after an explosion from Europe’s elite, quickly removed.

With undocumented migrant arrivals up by 20% over a year ago, an already weak Italian economy has now reached the breaking point. The current Italian government is now threatening to close all ports to the Soros-funded “rescue” boats.

Renzi’s PD party recently lost control of 30 municipalities in traditional leftist strongholds due to the societal costs of the invasion. Emma Bonino, a PD member and former Italian foreign minister put it this way:

“At the beginning, we didn’t realize that this was a structural problem and not a passing phase. We shot ourselves in the foot.”

Anti-immigrant, anti-EU sentiment became apparent a year ago when the Italian Donald Trump, Virginia Raggi, the 5-Star Movement candidate, became Rome’s first woman mayor, winning an overwhelming landslide victory over the PD candidate with 67% of the vote.


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