The Fallout – CNN Vs ‘The Internet’: Meme War Kicked Into High Gear

The Fallout – CNN Vs ‘The Internet’: Meme War Kicked Into High Gear by Susan Duclos – All News Pipeline

ollowing up on Wendesday’s #CNNBlackmail scandal, where CNN appeared to threaten a Reddit user for creating an Internet meme that President Trump tweeted out on July 2nd (shown above), by “tracking” him down, then threatening to reveal his name should his “bad behavior on social media” continue, we see that rather than the uproar dwindling, it has been kicked into high gear. (More on the orginal threat and reaction here)



In Wednesday’s article ANP described how users of 4chan, in solidarity with the Reddit user that was threatened had declared a “Meme War” against CNN as well as compiling a list of their advertisers with contact information and Twitter handles, for users to start a campaign against CNN by hitting their wallet.

Infowars has published volume one of some of those “memes” that have been a viral sensation on social media since this scandal first broke.

Infowars has joined in the “meme war” by offering a 20K prize for the best CNN meme.

Now the the head moderator of /r/The_Donald subreddit, where the clip that triggered the #CNNBlackmail scandal was originally postedwas interviewed by RT, saying “CNN has all of the Internet against them right now, and when organizations attack freedom of speech, it never ends up well for them,” continuing on to encourage the same type of campaign against those that still advertise on CNN. (RT interview clip below the article)

“This is an attack on the Internet and CNN has informally declared war upon it. In return we need to hit CNN where it hurts, and tell the advertise companies… that you do not approve of them by running ads at the network or endorsing CNN by running adds.”

While CNN says it respects the privacy of the man behind the viral meme, the network said that it “reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change,” which is understood as “complete threat,” ‘PrinceCamelton’ said in the interview. This message was received by the whole community, the moderator said, referring to the threat.

CNN has no right to make “blanket threats… telling you to stop doing what you want to do on the Internet” the moderator stated, adding that people should “stick to their guns and do what they think is right.”

Reddit has also compiled a list of advertisers with their contact information, encouraging their users to “contact them to let them know we will not be buying their products, or using their services, while they advertise with CNN.” The also remind Twitter users to “Remember to use #CNNBlackmail when contacting them via twitter!”

As an example of how this issue is still dominating social media, I left the Twitter hashtag page #CNNBlackmail up overnight, from when I went offline to listen to Steve Quayle on the Hagmann show (Listen to it here, great show!) and despite Twitter removing it from their “trending” sidebar list, it had more than 10,000 more tweets by 6:30am ET this morning, with messages to the advertisers on the lists, newly created memes, articles written by political pundits on boths sides of the aisle, all shredding CNN for using their resources to hunt down a private citizen that created a GIF image, then basically threatening to reveal his identity if he conducts himself in a manner CNN deems inappropriate on social media in the future.


While it is expected that Trump supporters or conservative outlets would speak out against CNN for this latest unethical behavior on their part, what was pleasantly surprising is even progressively liberal sites and those stationed more to the middle of the aisle are also calling CNN out.

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