Russia and China United Against the Warmongers in Washington DC

Russia and China United Against the Warmongers in Washington DC by Rory – The Daily Coin

Russian President Putin and Chinese President Xi have met again for the third time in 2017. It seems they have a lot to share with one another. Meanwhile, President Trump has met with Xi once and Putin zero times. When you have two of the most powerful nations on the planet meeting, basically, every-other-month it should get the attention of the “leaders” around the world.

A good portion of their conversations are made public, while I feel confident most of what is discussed is not made public but the results of their conversations can been seen around the world.

Will these two superpowers be able to fend off World War 3? Diplomacy the path these two have utilized for the past several years but the question remains – for how much longer will diplomacy be the order of the day?

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping have discussed the crisis on the Korean Peninsula and the Syrian War during the meeting in Moscow and agreed to cooperate on the issues, media reported Tuesday.

BEIJING (Sputnik) — Earlier in the day, North Korea launched a ballistic missile, which has reportedly fallen into Japan’s exclusive economic zone.

Putin and Xi agreed to strengthen strategic partnership at the meeting in order to secure peaceful settlement of the Korean crisis through the dialogue and negotiations, the Xinhua news agency reported. Source – Sputnik News

As we have seen, over and again, every time something goes wrong in Syria or Ukraine, President Putin makes a statement regarding what happened and what steps the Russian army have incorporated to avoid in the future. A few weeks ago, it seems all this changed. Putin drew his own “red line” to show the Western world the time short for diplomacy.

Russian President Vladimir Putin assured US filmmaker Oliver Stone that Russia would create an economical and effective response to US and NATO actions to preserve the global strategic balance. Asked for comment, political scientist Nikita Danyuk explained why the Russian president’s message was something Western powers need to hear and understand.

Speaking to Stone in ‘The Putin Interviews’, a documentary series which started its broadcast on the Showtime television network this week, Russia’s president explained that Moscow has the resources to respond to belligerent US and NATO policy, including attempts to ring Russia with missile defense.

Russia, Putin said, is now almost surrounded by US missile defense systems, from ground-based bases in Eastern European countries, to NATO ships patrolling the Mediterranean and the northern seas, and Alaska, where missile defense systems are currently being installed.

This, the president stressed, was “another big, glaring strategic mistake [by] our partners, because Russia will give a suitable response to all of these actions, and this will mean nothing else other than another phase of an arms race. Our response will be much cheaper. Its [equipment] may be rougher somewhere, but it will be effective. We shall preserve this so-called strategic balance.”

Asked for comment, Nikita Danyuk, political scientist and deputy director of the Institute of Strategic Studies and Prognoses, told Radio Sputnik that Putin’s remarks about Russia being surrounded by US missile defenses underscored a fundamental contradiction in US foreign policy. Source

Soon after this information hit the wire the Russian army found itself having one of their fighter jets a few feet off of the wing tip of American “recon” plane. Will there be a next time? Will Russia continue to use diplomacy or will Russia defend the “red line” unlike Obomba or Trump has drawn?

The warmongers in Langley, Pentagon and NATO continue to push for war. The adults in the room have been doing everything they can to stave off war as it seems the adults do understand they warmongers in the West plan on using nuclear weapons.

As we saw on July 3, President Trump called President Xi Jinping and Japanese Prime Minister Abe to discuss North Korea, but instead of the conversation going the way Trump imagined/designed, Xi issued a warning instead.

And while Trump may have been pushing for another PR push to demonstrate that he is on top of the N. Korea situation, what he got in return was a clear debuke from President Xi Jinping, who urged Trump to abide by Washington’s decades-old “one-China” policy during the phone call “as tensions between the two countries resurfaced over Taiwan, disputes in the South China Sea and how to handle North Korea’s nuclear weapons programme” SCMP reported.

Confirming that US-Sino relations have deteriorated substantially in recent weeks, Xi issued an implied warning to the US president, saying US-China relations have been affected by “negative factors” since the two men met for the first time at the Mar-a-Lago summit in Florida in April, the state broadcaster China Central Television reported. Source

For all intents and purposes China and Russia are making it clear the U.S. and their lapdogs in Europe need to abide by what the treaties and policies that have been agreed upon with both China and Russia. The only real question is how much longer can we avoid a real problem as both nations seem to be at their wits-end regarding “negative factors” coming from Washington DC.


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