WOW!! What A Beat Down!

WOW!! What A Beat Down! by Rory, The Daily Coin

Someone decided that a $2 billion manipulation, I mean “sell” contracts would be great if it happened in about 1 minutes time. Can we get a regulator to come to work? Is it asking too much to have someone, anyone of “authority”, to investigate what happened this morning? Are we all just a bunch of monkeys run around looking for a banana? Are we complete boobs that can not see this action for what it is?

This whole thing has become a joke. The U.S. based “markets” are rapidly becoming, the same as the federal government and CIA false flag dept., nothing more than a laughing stock around the world.

I guess JPMorgan and their crony friends needed some cash for the week to purchase another solid gold toilet or new ball scrubber.

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