Sen Grassley Comey Colluded With Clinton (Video)

Sen Grassley Comey Colluded With Clinton Video – Bill Still

Synopsis: Senator Chuck Grassley took to the Senate floor on Thursday and delivered a blistering indictment of already disgraced former FBI Director Jim Comey, for colluding with Hillary Clinton help her in her election battle with Donald Trump.

Grassley also proved that both House Democrat leader Nancy Polosi and Senate Democrat leader Chuck Shumer continued to pretend that President Trump was under criminal investigation by the FBI, when, in fact, Director Comey had already told them in no uncertain terms that he was not.

This allowed months of fake news stories about collusion between Trump and the Russians to proliferate in the MSM in a failed attempt to try to build sufficient momentum for his impeachment.

Grassley’s comments show how Comey, the Democrats and the MSM colluded in this shameful scheme that continues to this day and should serve as a warning to every voter to beware of future anti-Trump fake news stories.

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