Some Frugal Tips For Preppers on Water

Some Frugal Tips For Preppers on Water By Brian F – The Survivalist Blog

I have come to believe that it is just human nature that drives us as a society to over complicate our home built projects, we see someone that we want to replicate and we drive forward with out stopping to have a good think over.

My case this month is water storage, in particular an acquaintance near by. This person wanted to expand their water storage. They ordered and had shipped to them 10 sixty gallon food safe barrels, plus piping, valves and a host of other items. The storage was set up on a wood tier. At the end of this endeavor, the system did not work like the booklet stated it would, they said.
Listening to a group conversation, about the build, and that catching rain water is questionably illegal in some areas, notably inside city limits, I opened my big Cadillac mouth.

“Why not set up an above ground pool and fill it from the rain gutters? All you have to do is divert the rain to the pool with a piece of plastic (PVC) pipe that can be taken down or set in place easily. Just set the pool reasonably close to the house, and maybe even build a deck around it. Most medium size pools are in the 12-15 thousand gallon range. Better than 600 gallons in blue barrels. Also set trash guards on the gutters to stop the large debris from going to the pool, a small filter in the downspout to remove even more rubbish. The water in the pool is at least 80% clean. Most medium to large pools can be equipped with sand filters! You can then get water up to 98% clean! A little activated charcoal in the filter housing and you are good!”

Of course some one shot off about being safe for drinking. Here’s the thing, how much purified drinking water does a person need in a day? Water for coffee is boiled, also tea, dish water is heated hot enough to kill most bugs. A Britt or Berkey will finish what actual drinking water a person would need.

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