Chris Blasi: Physical Gold, Economy in Collapse and Cryptocurrencies

Chris Blasi: Physical Gold, Economy in Collapse and Cryptocurrencies

Chris Blasi: Physical Gold, Economy in Collapse and Cryptocurrencies by Rory, The Daily Coin

We all know what the ultimate outcome is – it’s going to be a system breakdown and some sort of reset and that’s scary because it could reset to something even worse. That goes back to moving us toward, you know, digitizing, under the guise of “this is the new system and this is what’s good for you”. Especially when people are impoverished and they’re going to sign onto any system to get taken out of their misery. ~Chris Blasi, The Daily Coin

Throughout history there has always been a small group of people that acquired great wealth, a larger group of people that have enjoyed a very comfortable lifestyle and smaller group of people that have suffered economically. Today, we see a massive shift in this paradigm. The small group at the top, as described recently by Ronald Bernard, a former central bankster, have seemingly lost their moral compass and are putting in place a variety of mechanisms to steal the remaining wealth of the many.

The people that have been paying attention the past several years have been taking action and acquiring a variety of investment and wealth preserving instruments to better protect themselves and their families from this wealth confiscation. A large number of people, globally, have been acquiring physical precious metals, while other groups of people have been moving funds into technology based investment instruments to protect their wealth while others still have invested in land or other more traditional investment instruments. All of these strategies, or some combination in my opinion (not advice), can only increase ones chances of weathering the unfolding economic shift.

The past several months cryptocurrencies have dominated the news. Cryptocurrencies are based on technology called blockchain. Personally, I have no concept or any idea what-so-ever what blockchain technology is or how it works – do you, honestly? This technology, while it seemingly holds great promise for a decentralized form of “currency” it also holds the keys to the kingdom for the thieving banksters. It has been reported for several years the banksters are desperate to push the global economy into digital currency and strip us of our cash. Cash, physical cash, is one of the last lines of defense guarding our individual sovereignty, liberties and freedoms. Cash, and physical precious metals, allows us freedom of movement; digital currencies, like debit and credit cards, track every step, every location and paint a picture that describes our lives – physical cash and physical gold and silver are shields against this ultimate form of tyranny.

I recall twelve to fourteen years ago I remember reading Fed [editor – Federal Reserve] Minutes where the Federal Reserve talked about moving toward digital currency and putting a time value on the currency. So, if you earned $100 for, say, the next 60 days, it would have the purchasing power of $100 but if you didn’t spend it after that it would periodically, over time, lose value. It was a way to force you to be a consumer and not to save.

Once you can never get possession of your money [editor – physical cash] all sorts of things could be happening; e.g. you could be put on a list, you can be denied the ability to spend it in the increments you want to spend. It is unlimited what then can be done as far as controls over an individual once they’ve [editor – the citizens] surrendered their ability to manage their own money.  – Chris Blasi, The Daily Coin

I sat down with Chris Blasi, CEO, Neptune Global and creator of PMC Ounce to learn about his patented technology and to get his views on the state of the precious metals “market” and all the excitement in the cryptocurrency space. Chris has a very insightful view of the crypto space as his background includes working with “one of the major” technology companies. Chris has a much better understanding of the technologies being used in this new “wild west” of cryptocurrencies and shares a couple of pieces of information that may help us all to better understand this new world of “blockchain” and cryptocurrencies.

First, lets detail what currency and money are and their differences. – then we can better determine what is happening, today, with these so-called crypto “currencies”. For the record, I contend none of these new instruments are currency as they do not satisfy the basic structure of what a currency is. I contend this new market is nothing more than a new casino where people can “place their bet” and may produce more Federal Reserve Notes or other form of fiat currency. Some people are doing quiet well as they entered the casino early in the game and have produced a substantial amount of fiat currency.

Currency – fungible, medium of exchange for goods or services, divisible, unit of account, durable, portable

Money – fungible, medium of exchange for goods or services, divisible, unit of account, durable, portable, store of value

At present, not one of the crypto “currencies” meets the basics of either currency or money. The biggest miss by all is the “medium of exchange”. Very few people or businesses currently know about crypto “currencies” much less use any of the cryptocurrencies as a medium of exchange. This is changing and will change over time, it is not happening today. Without meeting this very basic component cryptocurrencies are nothing more than a “bond”, “hedge” or whatever they are not a currency in the traditional sense.

This is one of the more lively interviews I have conducted in a while. Chris does a great job of presenting new information in a realm we are familiar as well as putting the new “wild west” into a different perspective that many may not have considered.

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