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Fake Vitamin C Scam By theHealthFoodGuru – Natural News

You know how important vitamin C is for your body, especially since vitamin C is the only vitamin your body cannot create on its own or store, either. This means you must literally consume vitamin C every day of your life!

But The Fake Vitamin C Scam Doesn’t End There, In Fact It’s Just Beginning.

The synthetic vitamin C industry continues to grow each year, because well, more and more people realize the vital role vitamin C plays in increasing your longevity and of course boosting your immune system. And of course we’ve all heard what happens to your body when you don’t get enough vitamin C, so millions are motivated to get their vitamin C, no matter what.

Unfortunately, All The Vitamin C Products Sold In Stores Are Fake!

You see, synthetic vitamin C isn’t real vitamin C at all, it’s fake vitamin C. Millions here believe synthetic vitamin C is real and millions here suffer because of it. Each year, more and more people are dying from completely preventable illnesses, from Alzheimer’s and blood clots to viral hepatitis and whooping cough…and it’s all completely preventable! But only if the vitamin C you consume every day is real vitamin C and not fake vitamin C. Have you ever learned the difference? Well, you’re about to.

How Do You Know The Vitamin C Is Fake, Before You Buy It?

If there’s no food ingredient listed in the label or the vitamin C is a pill or there is an unnatural amount of milligrams listed on the label, for example any number above 500 mg.

Why Any Number Above 500 mg Is Fake?

Because nature literally does not grow any plant that contains more than that, even in the most ideal environment and even in the healthiest soil, so if you see any number higher than 500 mg, then you can assume it’s fake! Plus quantity has absolutely nothing to do with the quality or absorbability, either. Which do you prefer, absorb less than 1% of 1,000 mg of fake vitamin C or 100% of 500 mg or even 100% of just 100 mg of real vitamin C? It’s truly the case of assuming if the front of the label looks good, then the vitamin C inside the bottle must also be good, and that is a very dangerous assumption to make about anything in your life, especially when it comes to your vitamin C.

What Happens When You Consume Fake Vitamin C Consistently?

All sorts of nutrient depletions! But when you take a blood test to check for your vitamin C level, it might show you are not lacking any vitamin C, which will make you feel confident your synthetic vitamin C is working, no matter how fake it actually is..know why? Because humans lack the programming language to tell the machine that is testing your blood for vitamin C, to look for only the real vitamin C and not the fake vitamin C. Can you see how dangerous fake vitamin C is? First, you are tricked into believing 1,000 mg or more of fake or synthetic vitamin C is beneficial, then the lie is perpetuated by blood tests that show you have plenty of vitamin C in your blood, which isn’t real vitamin C at all.

That’s Why There’s A Huge Fake Vitamin C Scam Here!

It’s just another system of control over you and your health. If you believe fake or synthetic vitamin C or any other vitamin for that matter can help you, then all they have to do is rig the blood tests to show you that the fake vitamin C or any other fake vitamin you take shows plenty of vitamins in your blood. But again, it’s not real! That’s why illness continues and continues to worsen, too.

How Do I Know?

Because statistics don’t lie! Millions here take vitamins every day and believe they are keeping them healthy and of course also assume they are preventing illness, but statistics show the proof that all that supplementation is not working! Would you still think taking something works, even after you get sick and continue to become sicker? I hope you wouldn’t think that, because I surely wouldn’t.

Does Supplementation Work When It’s Truly Healthy And Real?

Absolutely! But then again, real supplementation that’s healthy enough to actually prevent illness, wouldn’t be a supplement at all, but really healthy food.

And you can’t find real health off a shelf, because really healthy food that prevents illness isn’t sold in stores, anywhere, because then you wouldn’t find the need to supplement, right? Do you see the scam at work now? Can you visualize how this scam works? This vitamin C scam is just one fake nutrient. Every vitamin, mineral, probiotic, enzyme and protein product you see lining store shelves are all part of the same scam. Once you process, cook, synthesize, modify or do anything to the food, and only if it was once food of course, then you might as well eat plastic, because any real nutrition in that food is gone forever, leaving a dead food, and who would want ‘vitamins’ from a dead food anyway?

Now That You Know Of This Scam, What Will You Do About It?

You have two choices now, either continue spending your hard-earned money on fake vitamins that can never prevent illness OR finally start eating the last remaining food here that is actually so nutrient-dense, none of the vitamin makers want you to know it still exists! So, which do you choose? Right now is one of those times in your life when you must decide the future of your health. I have gathered this extremely rare food and eat it every day as it cleanses my whole body and provides all the nutrition my body will ever need! I’d be more than happy to share this amazing food with you and your family, too, so you all can finally experience what preventing illness really feels like.

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