Craig Hemke: Gold, Gold, Gold

Craig Hemke: Gold, Gold, Gold

Craig Hemke: Gold, Gold, Gold by Rory, The Daily Coin

Craig Hemke, TFMetals Report, was on the Max Keiser show recently and it opened the door to a couple of questions regarding China’s role in the precious metals market manipulation. China and Japan has a direct currency swap. The Japanese yen, according to Craig, is used to manipulate the gold precious metals market.

We’re all attempting to explain, rationalize, come up with some explanation for how and why this is occurring. Because what you can not deny is that it is occurring. Craig Hemke, The Daily Coin

It is well known the precious metals markets are rigged as has been confirmed in a court of law on several occasions over the past year. There have been fines levied against Deutsche Bank for their role, other banks have been named as being participants and there is an ongoing class-action lawsuit as well.

Discovering the mechanism to manipulate the precious metals markets was a major coup on Mr. Hemke’s part. This has allowed the people that follow his work to profit from the manipulation, just as the banking cabal has made massive profits from their ongoing, decades old, market rigging scheme. Craig believes this latest incarnation to rig the markets began in approximately 2008 and can be absolutely confirmed as beginning in 2012. Mr. Hemke has been developing his analysis for the past three years and has painted a nice picture as to what is happening.

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This, for me, actually makes perfect sense as gold is money. Fiat currency is an illusion of money that used to represent money. The gold window was closed, by President Nixon in August 1971 and the worlds currencies have been nothing more than paper and ink ever since. Before this fateful day the Federal Reserve Note was hanging on by a thread and Nixon, probably acting under orders from the Federal Reserve, closed the gold window before the vaults were completely cleaned out and the fact the U.S. could no longer afford the restrictions created by gold due to the tidal wave of debt created by the Korean war and the Vietnam war. We were broke then and it has become much worse since. The only way the U.S. could continue to lie to the world was by closing the gold window, make the Federal Reserve Note nothing more than an illusion of money and begin printing fiat currency as quickly as possible – which the Federal Reserve promptly did and they have been printing endless amounts of illusionary currency ever since. Can you say $20 TRILLION; sure you can.

How much longer can the banks continue this scheme? Some would say, with this new information, the scheme could go on endlessly. That’s true, with the exception of one minor detail – physical gold. Without physical gold to deliver into the markets no scheme can continue forever.

As Russia, India and China continue to grab, with both hands, all the physical gold available, including China purchasing entire gold mines, gold at the current levels will become much harder to acquire. You can’t satisfy a contract for physical gold with a piece of paper that states you now have gold. The Shanghai Gold Exchange, the Dubai Multi Commodities Center and the two new markets opening in China and Russia to support the BRICS nations, all share common ground. All of these markets deal in physical gold and physical silver and all of these markets do/will operate through the Shanghai Gold Exchange. This will it make the physical precious metals market very interesting over the next few years and begs the question that I have been asking for more than 4 years – where will all the metal come from? This is to say nothing of GoldMoney which is backed by physical gold and the three current gold backed cryptocurrencies as well.

Sharia law was recently changed to allow more muslims to begin acquiring physical gold. ZenGold and OneGram cryptocurrencies were both developed for the specific purpose of satisfying this market. They will not come close to relieving some of the pressure for physical gold and the two combined will not satisfy the new demand that did not exist before.

The gold and silver mining companies can not seem to catch a break and their capital inflows have been decimated over the past decade. The mining companies have recently enjoyed more attention, and more capital inflows, but, currently, not enough to support the massive cost of bringing a new mine online. This will change but it still begs the question – how will the gap between the new mines coming online, which could take years, and the physical demand for gold and silver we see today. When there are no new mines coming online and the current operational mines are slowing down or shutting down, how will the market meet the demand? How? With acquisition cost (price) of physical gold and silver moving a lot higher that’s the only way this will be accomplished.

Craig lays it out bare for anyone to hear as to how these markets are currently being rigged. We also cover the very, very short term in the price of gold and silver and have a good laugh about carbon based traders!

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