NSA Whistleblower Sues Comey (Video)

NSA Whistleblower Sues Comey Video – Bill Still

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Report begins at the 1:32 mark

Synopsis: It’s a scandal that is way bigger than Watergate. It also proves that NSA whistleblower Bill Binney was right. We first reported it 75 days ago in SR 1555.

An intel contractor by the name of Dennis Montgomery has sued James Comey, the FBI, CIA, other intelligence agencies and their current directors for illegally surveilling at least 20 million Americans.

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Montgomery has done it exactly by the book in revealing all this. He has gotten a grant of immunity from a Federal Judge to tell his story because it has such shocking consequences for every American. Under that grant of immunity, Montgomery has produced 47 hard drives and 600 million pages of documents proving all this – and here’s the kicker – he had totally legal access to them all because his job as a contractor who worked for CIA, DIA and NSA, was to hack through firewalls and steal these documents.

Tonight, Sarah Carter of Circa News revealed the lawsuit news on Hannity. Speaking about whistleblower Dennis Montgomery, she said:

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