Breaking the Chains

Breaking the Chains by Rory, The Daily Coin

Over the course of the past few months it seems there has been a trend developing. People seem to be awakening at a much faster clip. If we go back and look at what happened in Ferguson, MO and the police killing Michael Brown–good guy, bad guy, you decide–there was an uprising and people all over the country took note. Some of what happened was lawlessness, the majority of what happened was very positive and brought people together instead of dividing. The incidents of violence and looting were terrible and inexcusable. The incidents of people working together, uniting for the right reasons are to be commended. This trend has continued. This trend, according to Lawrence Hamm, President of People’s Organization for Progress, will continue. In an interview conducted by Chris Hedges Mr. Hamm states:

“The pendulum swung far to the right after 9/11. Now it is swinging back,” Hamm said. “Fear and paralysis gripped the country after 9/11 and the creation of our authoritarian police state. We are overcoming this fear. The rebellion in Ferguson was not planned. It was spontaneous. People said, ‘Enough.’ They struck out in the only way they knew how. All the other ways—and I have no doubt that the people in Ferguson and St. Louis, as we have, marched peacefully, sent letters and went to city council meetings to protest police violence—have proved ineffective. We will see other incidents like this one, but because of demographic changes these rebellions will occur in places that did not rebel previously.”

If we move forward, to the police, allegedly, murdering Eric Garner in New York City, we see almost the exact same situation. People coming together to stand up against the oppression of the police state. Mass demonstrations, which I don’t believe they are over, that rallied people from surrounding states to stand up to these criminals in blue. Now, what is happening, is the police are turning against the Mayor–for altogether different reasons, but none-the-less standing up in defiance to the authority. It will only take a small change in thought to unite both groups of people against the common problem–the oppression from the state.
And confirmed in New York following the protest over the, alleged, murder of Eric Garner we continue to see the people are awakening and seemingly, want to do the right thing, as reported by Libya 360, on December 21, 2014:

One of the reasons that many of us prefer the strategy of a mass, social and political uprising against the whole system, over individuals targeting police, is because history has shown that more often than not, when people engage in individual, random attacks on police, it’s used by the government, the police and the system to attack the movement with violence baiting, in order to justify ratcheting up repression against the masses. That said, we also know that anger over police repression and murder is so deep that it should come as no surprise to anyone that somebody would, sooner or later, act on that burning rage. Especially when the so-called justice system demonstrates time after time after time that police can, and do, murder with impunity. Neither do we forget that 99.9 percent of the violence comes from the police.

These are two incidents were chosen because most everyone is familiar or at least has an idea of what happened. Let’s turn our attention to where we stand as we peer down the corridor of 2015. What will we see, how will our world evolve in light of what has happened over the past three-four years with the Occupy Movement and other moments of global awakening. A lot of people tend to believe that the Occupy Movement was funded by George Soros. Well, ok, so does that mean we dismiss the whole thing out-right? Does that mean that what happened and what is continuing to happen should be ignored and is tainted? I understand we need to follow-the-money and check our sources, but what I am seeing and reading about is, seemingly, grassroots and coming from within. Soros and his blood money may have funded the initial Occupy New York, but has happened since was born from an awakening of souls, who know nothing of Soros or his blood money. Now we come to 2015 and several articles that I have read this first week seem to be attempting to spread optimism and hope for the year. Now that we have taken a look at what is happening locally, let’s take a look across the pond and see what is happening on the global stage. We see Greece, which was taken over two years ago by unelected criminals from Goldman Sachs, “technocrats”, whatever that is, on the threshold of an election that seems to be leaning toward leaving the European Union and the Euro. If this happens we could possibly be looking at a completely different Europe by years end. Will the Vampire Squid and his criminal friends strangle the Greece economy? Can European Union survive without Greece? Will this effectively kill the Euro? We can only hope at this point. This is what Ellen Brown had to say:

Greece and the troika (the International Monetary Fund, the EU, and the European Central Bank) are in a dangerous game of chicken. The Greeks have been threatened with a Cyprus-Style prolonged bank holidayif they “vote wrong.” But they have been bullied for too long and are saying “no more.”

A return to the polls was triggered in December, when the Parliament rejected Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’ pro-austerity candidate for president. In a general election, now set for January 25th, the EU-skeptic, anti-austerity, leftist Syriza party is likely to prevail. Syriza captured a 3% lead in the polls following mass public discontent over the harsh austerity measures Athens was forced to accept in return for a €240 billion bailout.

We will see the second Iceland? Will the bankster scum be run out of town? Only time will tell, but as of right now, it is not looking very good for the bad guys to pull off another coup. If the Syriza Party does not prevail, will the people rise up? Since most everything in life, at this point, is connected to currency, what optimistic hope can we look at for 2015? Here is another one of my favorite writers, James Howard Kunstler. This is an excerpt from one of his five articles looking at what 2015 could possibly hold for the world:

  • Bond markets in Europe implode in first half and the contagion spreads to the US as fear and distrust rises about viability of US safe haven status.
  • Derivatives associated with currencies, interest rates, and junk bonds trigger a bloodbath in credit default swaps (CDS) and the appearance of countless black holes through which debt and “wealth” disappear forever.
  • US stock markets continue to bid upward in the first half of 2015, crater in Q3 as faith in paper and pixels erodes. DJA and S&P fall 30 to 40 points in the initial crash, then further into 2016.
  • Gold and silver slide in the first half, then take off as debt and equity markets craters, faith in abstract instruments evaporates, faith in central bank omnipotence dissolves, and citizens all over the world desperately seek safety from currency war.
  • Goldman Sachs, Citicorp, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, DeutscheBank, SocGen, all succumb to insolvency. American government and Federal Reserve officials don’t dare attempt to rescue them again.

Some people will read what JHK says and ask “where’s the hope, where’s the optimism”? Well, if these criminal banks blow-up and evaporate into the ether of the nether-world, our world will be in turmoil for a short period, however, what comes out on the other side, SHOULD be an improvement. If it is not an improvement, will the people rise up? Will the people stand idly by while their life-savings are completely annulated? People are generally pissed-off about a lot of what is happening both with the police state and the state of their personal finances. How much longer will the game hold together? That is the $64,000 question. Will the people be so desperate, so broke and so hungry that they are unable to fight back? Will 2015 be the year we see major global changes? As Gerald Celente has said for years “When people have nothing left to lose, they lose it.” It seems we are getting closer to that moment everyday. Will it be violent or will it be peaceful? According recent and ancient history when the people rise up, someone is standing there to kick them down.

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