“Equities: “Ding, Ding”…Last Lap”

“Equities: “Ding, Ding”…Last Lap” by Paul Mylchreest – TFMetals Report

For anyone wondering how long the central banks may be able to prop up the global equity markets, our friend Paul Mylchreest has your answer. Please be sure to read this extraordinarily interesting and thorough piece of analysis.

Many thanks go out to Paul for sharing this with us. Additionally, reports such as these don’t simply write themselves so we are all in Paul’s debt for the effort and diligence it took to write such an extensive piece of research.

If you or anyone you know are still actively invested in the equity markets, you should be sure to read this report and give it your full consideration. Can the central banks keep their game going indefinitely? Maybe. But maybe not. And to that end, Paul’s analysis here is extremely valuable.


“Ding, Ding”…Last Lap — Natural Law, China and The Dollar by Paul Mylchreest by Turd Ferguson on Scribd

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