Silver Bugs: Our Time Is Coming…

Silver Bugs: Our Time Is Coming… by Chris Campbell –

Very long-term Laissez Faire Today patrons will know that, although I have a soft spot for cryptocurrencies, deep down, above all else, my roots are in silver. I’m a silver bug.

Back when the Silver Doctors blog was a blog and not a national bullets (wait, no more bullets?), beans, metals and apocalypse hawker — about… wow… six years ago, already — I wrote for them.

I wrote for them because I believed, like them, silver was severely undervalued. And I still do. Because it still is.

And if I had to choose between any physical asset to hold in this environment, I say silver every time.

Although silver hasn’t seen any monumental rises (just up to a “measly” $50, which I say with my tongue planted firmly in my cheek), I’ve stayed staunch. And I feel vindicated every time an expert explains why silver is still a buy. (Which means vindication, when it comes, feels like a vacation for slaves.)

Maybe I’m just another victim of selection bias, destined to grip my silver shekels into curmudgeonly old age, never once getting the fleeting satisfaction of saying, “I told you so” to nobody in particular.

But I doubt it.

Silver’s a buy. And to tell us why, I invite colleague Zach Scheidt to the show, reporting in from the Money Show conference in Vegas.

Read on.

Mr. Gold Says “Buy Silver”

Zach Scheidt

Greetings from sunny Las Vegas, Nevada!

This week, I’ve been attending the Money Show, a week-long investment conference focusing on a myriad of different wealth-building opportunities.

The conference also gives me a chance to chat face to face with hedge fund and family office portfolio managers, entrepreneurs, and fellow individual investors.

Often these personal conversations wind up being even more valuable than the actual conference material. And today, I want to tell you about one specific conversation that should help you turbo charge your gold investments this year…

“I can guarantee that gold will be worth $10,000 per ounce — or much more!”

That’s what a 19-year veteran of the mining industry with many incredible investments under his belt, told me.

Because of his status in the mining industry I call him “Mr. Gold.” And for privacy reasons, I can’t reveal his real name in this article. But trust me, this guy is the real McCoy of mining — and a proven winner at predicting BIG moves in gold.

Most notably in 2007, he was featured on CNBC to give his opinion on gold prices. At the time, gold was trading for $637/ounce. He predicted gold to go over $1,000/ounce in a 12-24 month period. Of course he was right!

Today, Mr. Gold had a totally unexpected recommendation for profiting from the gold market…

(Ironically, this prediction lines up with our own resident expert Jim Rickard’s expectation for gold prices.)

Even though the presentation wasn’t scheduled to start for another 20 minutes, Mr. Gold was anxious to get started. It’s fair to say that he was giddywith excitement. He could hardly hold still as he waited to share his favorite investment opportunities.

I happened to be in the room, getting some reading done before the session.

And so, over the next 20 minutes, I got to chat personally with him and pick his brain about what’s really going on in the gold market.

Even Better Than an Explosive Gold Rally…

“I think silver is the buy of the century!” Mr. Gold spouted, his energy levels clearly rising, “…gold and silver stocks will go higher than tech stocks did during the dot com days.”

Got that? Mr. Gold says buy silver!

As he started backing up his claims with hard economic data, personal conversations with his wealthy customers, and visits to remote mining operations. It was obvious he had done his research and knew what he was talking about.


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